Wednesday, September 20, 2006



How much should you weigh? Just put an X in the boxes to identify the foods that you like.
junk -
[x] chips
[x] fast food
[x] soda
[x] popcorn with butter
[x] pretzels
[x] peanut butter
[x] ranch
[x] chicken wings
[x] pizza
[x] burgers
[x] hot dogs
[x] grilled cheese
total - 13

vegetables -
[x] cauliflower
[x] green beans
[x] beans
[x] onions
[x] tomatoes
[x] pickles
[x] cucumber
[x] zucchini
[x] celery
[x] peppers
[x] peas
[x] potatoes
[x] beets
[x] brussel sprouts
[x] spinach
[  ] lima beans
[x] lettuce
[x] corn
total - 19

fruit -
[x] oranges
[x] strawberries
[x] apples
[x] pineapple
[x] pears
[x] peaches
[x] grapes
[x] plums
[x] grapefruit
[x] clementines
[x] tangerines
[x] raspberries
[x] blueberries
[x] limes
[x] lemons
[x] mango
[x] cherries
[x] watermelon
[x] cantaloupe
[x] honeydew
total - 21

meat -
[x] ham
[x] chicken
[x] lamb
[x] pork
[x] steak
[x] turkey
[x] bologna
[x] fish
[x] deer
[x] bird
[x] salami
[x] pepperoni
[ ] alligator
total - 12

dairy -
[x] milk
[x] cheese
[x] yogurt
[x] cream
[x] butter
total - 6

desserts -
[x] brownies
[x] ice cream
[x] chocolate
[x] sorbert
[x] sherbet
[x] cake
[x] cup cakes
[x] cookies
[x] toffee
[x] caramel
[x] mousse
[x] whipped cream
[x] chocolate covered strawberries
[x] pie
[x] creme puffs
[x] jello
[x]chocolate covered pretzels
total - 17

wheat -
[x] bread
[x] pasta
[x] cereal
[x] bagels
[x] doughnuts
[x] crackers
total - 6

Now add up the number of x's and multiply by 3 to get the weight that you should be.

According to this survey I should weigh 282 pounds, which means that I am way under weight!  And since I found this survey posted on the internet it must be true, right?  Woo hoo!  Yeah,  I'm under weight!  Guilt free calorie consumption here I come!


mumma4evr said...

running to the store for more food!!!!  can't be underweight, that just cannot be good!

midwestvintage said...

Man oh man I am just wasting away.  Yippy, no more guilt.  Thanks for sharing.


rbrown6172 said...

hmmm....have ya ever tried alligator??  seasoned just right, it's actually quite tasty.  lol  well...looking over the list, i would have scored about the same as you....guess that means i can just eat and be happy as i gain, gain, gain!!  :)  i wish....

lanurseprn said...

Wow...I was NEVER underweight.  Not even before I was born!! LOL (I'm not kidding....8lb baby here, too!).  
I got a kick out of this.

sdoscher458 said...

I like everything you like except the deer.  This is a diet I could llive with LOL  Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Oh thank God.... here I thought I couldn't gain another ounce!  lol

be well,

swmpgrly said...


glensfork4 said...

Jody-Well with a few exceptions we could eat at eachothers house, if we weren't cross country lol. Well maybe Gabe could come for dinner, that is if he is still in KY. Hope all is well.

missheathyrmaree said...

LMAO! I love this Dorn!
I love it!

mutualaide said...

Thank you Dorn -- I'm underweight too!  What a nice thing to read about!  ROFLOL!