Friday, September 8, 2006


Yes, I'm still working at the store, but I'm now in the back warehouse in processing vendor stocked groceries and outprocessing damaged goods.  Pay increase... Yay!  40 hour weeks... Yay!  Two days off in a row... Yay!  Getting off at 1pm, double Yay!  Getting up at 3am to be at work by 4am.... double BOO!

I have been an absolute zombie for the past week.  I only have enough time for one cup of coffee before I leave for work.  I'm used to guzzling 3 cups before I can function during the day.  I am going through withdrawals. 

This morning when the alarm went off I swung my arm around to shut it off but it wouldn't turn off.  I rolled over and tried again, and then proceded to beat at it with both hands.  By that time Dickidoo was awake and trying to shut it off as well.

I don't know how long that went on before we both realized that it was the phone ringing, not the alarm clock.  It was just Zack asking for a ride home.  I got dressed, still thinking it was 3am.  It wasn't until I was returning home with Zack that it dawned on me that it was only 1:30am and I still had an hour and a half before I had to get ready for work.

What I should have done was start my coffee binge, but instead I jumped right back into bed.  Had I decided to stay up I would have known earlier that while my coffee and creamer supplies were replenished, I had no filters for the Bunn-Omatic Brew-Omatic.

My coffee maker is huge, so it needs super dooper, mega sized coffee filters.  This filters can only be found at Sam's Club, which is not open at 3am.  And while we have often used the super dooper mega sized coffee filters (French napkins as the Oompas call them) as napkins, I have discovered that paper napkins make rotten coffee filters.

So, what to do, what to do?

I shook the grounds off of the filter, rinsed it out and gently replaced the filter in the basket.  In two minutes I had a aromatic pot of Folgers steaming on the heater plate of the Bunn.  I held my breath as I poured the first cup... but to my relief no grounds ended up in my mug.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  Life is good!

I begin my elk hunt tomorrow.  I'll be shooting my flintlock muzzleloader.  Because of my job schedule I will only be able to hunt in the afternoons but thats okay because the only thing worse than getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning is walking up the side of a mountain at 3 o'clock in the morning.

I love that my entire family reads this journal.  (september 13)  It has been a great communication tool for me (birthday cake) being as our schedules often find us passing each other in the driveway.  Sometimes even though my family may not be the direct subject of my post (chocolate truffles), they may have provided the train of thought that eventually lead me to my entry.  So while this may be MY journal (don't EVEN think about candles), this is really a diary of OUR lives.

I'm still waiting to hear of Gabe and little Zachary can fly out.  (I'd settle for a birthday phone call although I'd prefer a birthday hug).  I will be marking my one year anniversary at the store (anniversary presents are nice too) and should have some accumulated vacation time that I can use to go out to visit my grandbaby if he can't make it here.  I just know that my arms need to hold that little guy before he gets too big.  Maybe I'll make it out for his birthday.

So anyhow, guess what I did when I got home from work today?  After running around to take care of some last minute things before elk season opens tomorrow... I laid down on the couch in the den and passed out.  Guess what I didn't do?

I didn't go to Sam's Club to buy some super dooper, mega sized coffee filters for the Bunn-Omatic Brew-Omatic.  Grrrrrrr!  I wonder if those super dooper mega sized filters can be washed and reused for a third time in a row.  I guess we shall see in the morning at 3am.


sdoscher458 said...

Ohhh congrats on the new job and pay increase.  I used to love working early and getting off early so you had daylight left.  I've used paper towels and they work cant use paper napkins they fall apart.  Rinsing and using again should work...SAndi

rbrown6172 said...

:)  love your sense of humor....and what a wonderful, fun way to communicate with the family!

jckfrstross said...

king soopers used to have the big coffee filters, my coworker got me a package and it was huge and so were the filters lol Congrats on the job


missheathyrmaree said...

Congrats on the new job && pay raise!  Boo on getting up that early.
I would be a complete and utter bitch.
I hope you get to see Zack & Gabe soon, hon.

mumma4evr said...

I am not a morning person!!!  School starts for me on Tuesday and I will need to be out of the house by 7am. that is better than being up at 3!!!!!

midwestvintage said...

 So did you kill the alarm or will it still be functioning correctly at 3 am to once again happily wake you from your slumbers?  Rince the filter.  3 times will work but not much more.  Good luck on the job.


glensfork4 said...

Yeah, I agree Doubleboo....nice (subtle) hints about (birthday). LOL, I missed ya Hope you get to hold Zach (& Gabe) soon. I am happy for your new job & raise CONGRATS.

deshelestraci said...

My sister works this shift at Target.  She thought she would like it.  She doesn't.  Most of the world doesn't have the same sleep schedule.  It's just a fact.  Good for you for the raise however!

sugar1337 said...

Congrats on the new job...but it would be hard for anyone to have to wake up that early to go to work.

princesssaurora said...

Congrats on the new job.... way to go!!!  Go get the coffee filters...

be well,

ps... check me out if you have time

wumzels2 said...

congrats dorn.............on the job and the reuse of the filter, lol.

i loved the subliminal messages........i hope they work.........