Wednesday, January 3, 2007

BLOG CRAWL: Back To Nature

Anyone up for a Blog Crawl? 

Wait.  Stop.  Back up a moment.

What exactly is a 'blog crawl'?

Well, it can be a way of searching for and through blogs. I think that is the technical definition but I'm not into technicalities.  I want simplicity, so in this case lets just say that a 'blog crawl' is when a group of bloggers all visit a predetermined group of blogs.  And lets liven it up by having the participating bloggers do a specific entry for the 'crawl' with a common theme.  Its kind of like a blog carnival, a journal jar, and round robin all smashed into one.  One established blog crawl specifies that the bloggers attain a certain level of intoxication for added effect before blogging but I will leave that optional.  I would like to keep the entries light though, for a 'bar crawl', from which the idea is derived, is a group of friends traveling from one bar to another and having a good time along the way.

How it works:  Participating bloggers write an entry based on the theme, which is entirely open to individual interpretation, and add the link to the comment section for the specific crawl entry here.  You can even use an older entry if you happen to have already blogged about the theme in the past, just make sure you use the entry specific address so we can link up to the correct entry.  Entries can be but are not limited to: fact or fiction essays, photos, video or graphic designs.  On the day of the Blog Crawl I will post all of the participating blogs with their entry addresses, and readers can visit them at their leisure, leaving comments if they so desire. 

Rules:  hey, I said I wanted simplicity!  For the bloggers, keep it clean, that's about it as far as rules go.  Stick to the TOS.  Not an AOL blog?  That's cool too, link 'em up.  Just keep in mind that you might not get as many comments if your blog host requires commenters to have an account.  I personally won't sign up for another blog account, I can't even keep track of the ones I already have!  For the Crawlers, same rules... be nice.  If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (my mom used that on me a million times so now I can't help but repeat it myself... a million times!)


January's theme:  BACK TO NATURE.

Please post your links here (in this entry's comment section) beginning now but no later than Thursday, Jan. 25th to be included in the Blog Roll which will be announced on or about Friday, Jan. 26th.  And spread the word if you think you know of other bloggers who might be interested in participating.  I'm not against free advertisement, snag the Crawl graphic and post it on you blog.  The more the merrier.  There are so many gifted bloggers out there, lets spread the joy!

Depending on response and participation this may or may not become a regular thing here at the Dust Bunny Club.  Being as I've never done this kind of thing, any suggestions are welcomed.  Hope to see you all on the Crawl.



mzgoochi said...

good luck!

dpoem said...

Oh...  This seems like fun.  Here's a Nature thing.

Hope you enjoy!


bobandkate said...

This is a great idea. I will spread the word on my blog and when I have interpreted the theme and done an entry myself I will get back to you!

pharmolo said...

Nice idea, please find my submission at

royallsgoddess said...



fogspinner said...


Thanks for the idea Dorn.

thisismis72 said...

lol, funny u should mention BLOG CRAWL, I just posted  montage of pictures taken from my last beer crawl, we call it the J Walk here......
come see

thanks Missy

jckfrstross said...

so much fun:) i will be doing this later this week is that ok?


bgilmore725 said...

Dorn, hi! I found out about the Blog Crawl at aoljournals editor entry today... sounded pretty interesting, so I came here to check out the specifics. This month's theme sounded interesting... who doesn't love nature? I have many pictures of times I found myself going back to nature, so I thought: why not give this new idea a shot? I'm going to put my entry together... will come back soon and leave a link. It's been awhile since I visited you... glad to be back here again... you have an entertaining writing style. See you later. Bea

bgilmore725 said...

Here's my entry for the Blog Crawl, Dorn. Great idea! Thank you for starting it.

promiseluv372 said...

Okay this is a fantastic idea! Naturally I don't think I did it right but I did it just the same. here's my entry (which can be deleted if I had the whole wrong idea of this lol)