Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ENJOYING THE QUIET, while it lasts...

Oh... whoa!  Its so quiet I can actually hear myself think!  Quiet is a rare commodity in the House of Oompa now days.  Remember the drumset Rocky got for Christmas, against my wishes?  Remember me making up that rule about them being set up in the laundry room but only after it got cleaned up... in the hopes that either a) the laundry room would get cleaned up or b) the drums just wouldn't get set up at all.

Well that plan went out the ground floor window when Dickidoo, in his infinite wisdom and consideration, decided that the kids could set the drums up in the den.  Grrrrrrrrrr!  So now I have to listen to the constant rat-tat-tat ba-boom ting-a-ling and my laundry room is still a mess.

In an effort to be a supportive mother despite the ear splitting racket I must endure, I merely restricted the kids to drum practice between the hours of 10am and 7pm for an hour at a time as long as nobody was studying, talking on the phone or watching TV.  Dickidoo... being the Dickidoo that he is, revised the time to 'not after he gets home from work'. 

I was speechless when I heard him make that provision, truly speechless.  The nerve of the man!  I didn't want the drums to begin with, they were HIS idea.  I wanted them in the laundry room behind a closed door and muffled by the perpetual piles of laundry.  I had the perfect plan to keep the drums from ever being set up, but he removed the obstacle.  And now he tells the kids they can't play the drums while he's home. 

Gimme that bass mallet.  I'll show you the PERFECT place to stick it! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Fortunately the transformation from noise to rhythm has been mercifully swift and I can hear a faint improvement each day through the ringing of my ears.  I'm almost tempted to suggest adding the guitars, xylophone, keyboard, violin and tuba to the mix, these kids are so talented that they just might actually create some really cool music.  Lets just hope my ears survive to appreciate it.

I imagine its only a matter of time before Dickidoo picks up the drum sticks and plops his butt on the swivel seat behind the metallic blue drums.  I see the child in him begging to come out and play, he has always wanted to play the drums.  I just hope all those years of practicing with French fries on the steering wheel pay off, I honestly don't know how much more my ears and nerves can take.  As for me, I have no desire to play the drums. 

Unless of course Art gets that set of tie dyed bongos he's been drooling over in the music catalog that came in the mail.  Those things are groooooovy man!

There is a new Country Oompa, Little Gerald was born yesterday afternoon.  Welcome to the world my sweet nephew!    Come on over and play!


deslily said...

wow! congratulations on both counts!  (the new nephew... and surviving the drums! lol)

I'd say Rocky has it made!  When I got my drums I was allowed a one hour during weekdays and no more then 3 hrs on weekend days!  My mother worked so I got to do some practice in the house alone...but the house next door was so close that I knew they could hear it, so I watched alot to see if most went out from their house!! lol..

wumzels2 said...

congrats on the nephew..............

as for the drums, i think i would veto the dickidoo!!  now i understand why my parents bought me an electric fender bass guitar when i was younger.  after practicing in the finished basement for 2 years, i went on to become a lead female vocalist and bass player for a local rock and roll band..............my hope for you is that your oompa will become a rich and famous drummer and will support you through your twilight years and put you in the BEST NURSING HOME money can buy, lol.

my advice is to buy some really good earplugs, and then listen when you want to.

good luck!!!


ceilisundancer said...

I don't wanna work, I wanna bang on the drums all day!   ;)
Well, at least you're trying to be supportive!   I don't agree with his latest new rule.   You have to listen to it, but he doesn't?!  Hmmmm.   Maybe you SHOULD get the bongos.  Congrats on your new nephew!  -- Robin