Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Never have I felt as old as I do today.  Tomorrow I suspect I shall feel even older.  One day older to be exact.  My joints will be stiffer, my muscles limper.  My gums gummier, my boobs lower, my blood pressure higher.  My hair is getting lighter while my age spots darken.  And my nose... 'my cute little Okinawan nose' as Dickidoo used to affectionately call it.. is getting bigger.  I miss hearing that silly little endearment but I imagine Dickidoo has already considered the consequences should he ever say 'my cute big fat Okinawan nose' and therefore has chosen wisely not to say anything at all.

I was just recently reminded why it is so important to use the toilet before making a pot of coffee.  Actually it was just a few minutes ago.  I had to use the bathroom but decided to make a fresh pot of coffee before hand so that it would be waiting for me when I had finished my duties.  Let me tell you it was pure torture filling the carafe (that's what they call it... carafe) with fresh tap water and then taking it over to the Bunn-Omatic Brew-Omatic and pouring all the water into the reservoir.  By that point I was doing an all out disco potty dance.  Thank goodness for panty liners.  Oh, you laugh all you want but Carefree is a lady's best friend once she hits my age!  I also discovered that given the right... motivation... I can still run, and quite fast at that!  Woo hoo!  Go me!

Despite my discomfort and almost bad timing, my plan worked out in the end and the perfect pot of hot fresh aromatic coffee awaited me following the race to theThrone Room.  Let me tell you about this coffee.  I splurged at Christmas and bought a few of those little fancy packs of booze flavored coffees... I think they cost a buck a piece.  I got one of each... Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Carolans Irish Creme and Frangelico.   I sniffed the Frangelico flavored grounds before I put them in the drip basket and was disappointed by the normal coffee scent it gave off.  Once the coffee began brewing though the air was filled with the heavenly aroma of hazelnut.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  I love mornings like this.  Not even the stupid snow that just started falling is going to bum me out now, because I have my Frangelico coffee and I leave for Hawaii in 3 weeks!


mzgoochi said...

Even though I hardly ever drink it, I love smelling coffee brewing. You reminded me of a cartoon I was sent recently. I'll email it soon as I'm done here.

Love, Lahoma

lanurseprn said...

LOL you are so funny!  And so right about the Carefree's being our best friend!  

swmpgrly said...

hang in there 3 weeks will come

midwestvintage said...

 Are you absolutely sure you can't fit me in your suitcase.  My sister lives there, we could save on motel rooms.  I would be quiet and I am trying to lose weight so you wouldn't have to worry about feeding me.  Please.


princesssaurora said...

Happy Birthday, dearest Jody and all hail the magic of Carefree pantyliners... a must for us 40 plus women!!!

I am so happy for you going to HI!!!  I can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it when you get back.

be well,

ps... Hope dickidoo comes thru with some chocolate tomorrow.

jckfrstross said...

LOL i agree with you:) hope the weeks go by fast:) i also hope gabe doesn't have to go back. ((((((((((((((Jodi))))))))))))))))


quiltsnroses said...

I bet you are going to feel a whole lot younger once you land in Hawaii!

vampjack said...

Please can I have the Jack Daniels coffee, pretty please!!

deshelestraci said...

What, do you have a birthday coming up?  You aren't old!

helmswondermom said...

Well, now I'm going to have to go make myself a pot of coffee; but first I'm going to the potty!

glensfork4 said...

Bathroom 1st always....then the coffee started, then the shower....then the enjoyment of the coffee!!! Wooo hooo