Friday, January 5, 2007

OOMPA LAWS, and fate.

Rocky:  I don't like that song.

Becca:  So

Rocky:  It's my cd.  (Oompa law of 'you can only listen to the songs I like on MY cd)

Becca turns off cd player and switches on radio.  (Oompa law of 'if I can't listen to what I want, neither can you!')

At 3:45 am when I left for work the skies were clear and the roads were drivable.  At 1:30 pm when I set off back home again there was 4 inches of snow on the ground and the roads were snow packed and icy.  I had heard from the truck drivers that there were accidents all over town.  I knew to be cautious.  When I got to my neighborhood where I knew the roads would be bad, I took an alternate route to reduce the risk of an accident.

Note to self:  Do not attempt to trick fate.  It is not possible.  If you are going to have an accident, you are going to have it when ever and where ever you are.

When I took the turn into our subdivision, I turned the steering wheel and the tires turned... but Big Red did not.  Big Red wanted to get up close and personal with the younger, shinier pickup waiting on the side for the light to change.  They kissed... on the first date.  I was not happy.  Neither was the driver of the other pickup. 

Nor was Dickidoo.  Naturally he felt obligated to give me the 'lecture'.  Naturally I was offended and hurt that he should think it was my fault, even if it was.  Honestly though, if I had been going any slower I would have been going backwards.  But he wasn't there, I hit another vehicle, I was liable and therefore it was my fault. 

Although I scraped the paint off of the bumper on the other truck, and did a little damage to the headlight and dented the tire rim, the driver was unhurt and really nice about it all.  If I didn't have the dang brush guard on Big Red there would probably have been almost no damage at all.  Funny, once I was assured that the driver was okay, my biggest concern was Dickidoo, not the insurance company, or the effects the accident might have on my drivers record.  I felt like a kid having to face my father with some really bad news.  And when he gave me that 'lecture', I felt like a child whose parent didn't believe her.  Grrrrrrrrrrr!  I hate that!

And I hate ironic consequences even more!  Some days I swear I just can't win for losing.  If only I had stuck to my usual route home.  Zack and Becca had met me on the driveway when I pulled in following the collision.  Later I asked what had prompted the welcoming committee.  They had just wanted to see my face when I drove up on the freshly shoveled driveway.  I hugged them both in appreciation, but wished out loud that they had shoveled the road at the intersection as well.

Afterwards, standing on the porch, still sniffling in self pity, I looked down at the snow that had been the major factor in my accident today and I took a handful of the icy flakes.  As the crystals melted one by one against the warmth of my palm I couldn't help but marvel at its beauty.  I love snow.

Its just a booger to drive on!  Is it spring yet?


mzgoochi said...

I hate those lectures too Dorn. Glad no one was hurt! ((hug))

justplainbill said...

Dorn, sorry to hear about your accident. It brought back memories of my slide on the ice into a bridge abutment. Like you going very slow but was unable to control the skid. It also bought back the pain that I had when I bumped me hear. I was on my way to work and continued on my way and worked the full day. It was a Saturday and I was getting time and a half. guess there was not much damage to the car.
This was fifty years ago and the memory is still very clear to me who has trouble remembering what I had for dinner tonight.
Give Dickeedo a break, men have to react like tht when the wife has or causes an accident, it is inbred with us.
Take care and remember next time to ease up on the break and steer in the direction of the skid.

sdoscher458 said...

oh glad that you werent hurt.  I also hate being lectured as if I were a child...yes, Daddy I did it on purpose...why do you think they call it an accident? because you never know when ....duh.....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Oh no!  I am so sorry about your accident!  It isn't anyones fault when your car just slides whereever it wants!  Tell Steve to be nice and to buy you chocolate as a post accident gift.  It's tradition if your wife is over 40... and you have 3 or more kids.  So there... tell him to email me if he doesn't believe you.

be well,

jckfrstross said...

those roads were slick up here too. sorry you got into an accident. at least no one was hurt. and dickdoo needs to remember that. who knows he maybe next:) anyway stay warm and safe:) oh i just heard another front coming in on Wed- Sat next week oh joy wanna run away to somewhere warm?


jlocorriere05 said...

No way was that your fault Dorn! Give Dickidoo the dictionary and tell him to look up accident! If we could prevent these things there wouldn't be a word for accident would there?! Next time tell the oompas to get out and start shovelling from your work place all the way to your front door! Glad you're OK anyway. Jeannette xx  

lazarai said...

Sorry about that, Dorn!! Glad it wasn't worse. Dickidoo will get over it -- I'm sure he, too, is glad you weren't hurt, and Big Red can take it. Driving in snow/ice is horrible - I lived in the northeast for 25 years and had my worst accident in a slush/ice storm. Notice I now live in Florida?!

Have a better day,
:) Carol

astaryth said...

I saw on CNN this morning that you guys just got hit with your 3rd storm... poor things! It's going to be close to 80 here today. That sounds good, but all this warm weather has meant we've had rain (and thunderstorms!) since Christmas.... At least the snow is pretty.... here it is just muddy and damp <sigh>

Glad you weren't hurt! And the guy was nice because these things happen in the ice and snow! NO ones fault, just how it is if you are out in that kind of weather. ANd, Yeah Oompas for shoveling.

swmpgrly said...

Glad no one was hurt.
Still no snow in Mass. its actually gonna be 63 degrees here today.

glensfork4 said...

Yeah, we have the same music dispute in my house, car, where ever! Sorry about big red, but I am glad no one was hurt, that is what is most important. Wow, I wish we could have some of that snow, it would be nice to see...It was 65 out today. ((Sorry))

deshelestraci said...

Oiy!  I hate when accidents happen.  Grrrr, again.  No fun.  It's been years since I drove on snow on a winterly basis.  I don't miss it too much!

motoxmom72 said...

So sorry about the minor accident.  I hate driving in the snow.  If it snows over 3 inches- I don't drive in it.  
"The Lecture"  I've been there, done that.  My nickname is "crash" since I had a car accident every year for several years in a row. (back in the 90's).  I also sunk a pick up truck in a lake.  So I was "U-boat commander" for that incident.  Accidents happen.  I hate when I get "the lecture" as if it was my fault.  I love the line- "well if I was driving it wouldn't have happened."  Yeah, right.

enchante1977 said...

Bummer about the fender-bender.  That's the kind of stuff that always happens to me!  Take alternate route in the name of safety & end up flat on my face...  Oh well..  My mother moved to the Springs 10 years ago "to escape the harsh Iowa winters".  And ever since then, the Denver/Springs area has been bombarded with snow every winter!  Guess the joke's on her.  We haven't had snowflake number 1 yet.

Stay safe & keep on writing - I enjoy your sense of humor!


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