Wednesday, February 14, 2007


(Just had to share this because it gave me a very well needed laugh.)

Zack hates Valentine's Day.  Thats probably because he has never been in love... in real, true, deep and passionate love.  One day he will quite happily stand at the end of a very long line to purchase an overly reproduced saccharine sweet Hallmark card covered with glitter and the red cellophane wrapped heart shaped box of Russell Stover's chocolates melting between his sweaty hands for the woman of his dreams and he won't mind.  He won't mind one bit.

But not today.  Today he minds.  Today he  hates Valentine's Day.  He has however expressed a desire to play Cupid.

"I'd get a sling shot and shoot everyone with Hershey's Kisses,' he said enthusiastically, an evil glint lighting up his eyes.

I suppose I should be alarmed but I find that I'm just happy he is finally taking an interest in the most romantic holiday on the retailers calendar. 


mutualaide said...

I'll be his assistant!

ambassadorsinte said...

Well, Dorn, nowhere did I see you wishing all your loyal followers a Happy Valentine's Day, so I'll do it for you.  'HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY'
See you in seven (7) days.


nightmaremom said...

LOL sounds like fun...... do it :)

pharmolo said...

Happy Valentine's Day :-)

coelha said...

I could see my 12 year old son doing the same.  The more I think about the idea, the more I wish I could do it myself!!  Julie :)  

deslily said...

hey Zach... Russel Stover French Mints if you don't mind?!!  Better be nice to me then I'll remember you in my will! (Is he buying any of this dorn?)

jckfrstross said...

LOL yep Zach just wait your turn will come. Hey go ahead and shoot some kisses my way but make it the carmel and mocha ones please:) Happy Valentines Day to all in CS and Hawaii


princesssaurora said...

Oh too funny... oh yes, someday, when Cupids arrow has shot him in the ass he will understand... lol

be well,

deshelestraci said...

Hey as long as they get to keep the kisses everyone wins!