Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It was supposed to be fun day....

Yesterday afternoon I took the Oompas to the store to invest in some Valentines... in the hopes that they might give one to my future in-law and set the date.  It started snowing while we were in the store, that fluffy, flurry stuff I like so much.  It was cold, but it was pretty.  We left the store full of light hearted laughter, catching snowflakes on our tongues and sliding across the parking lot like graceful ice skaters.

Later we would learn that the fluffy flurry that we had played in was a wolf in sheep clothing.  While we were shopping for Valentines, while the snowflakes floated gently down to the ground, it blanketed the ice on the road with a deceptive soft white blanket, hiding the danger beneath.  On the drive home we heard of an accident that had occurred just about the time we left for the store.  I was extra cautious with my last accident still fresh in my mind.  It was a slow drive home, but the truck was full of laughter and Valentines.

It was a typical night in Loompaland.  The Oompas were chattering about school as they prepared their Valentines.  Zack was watching the History channel in between loads of dishes.  Dickidoo and I were in the den drooling in front of the Food Network.  It was a typical night until Zack came down with the news.

'I think you need to talk to Art and Becca, they're both crying.'

I found my high schoolers in front of the computer, staring at a MySpace page.  Art's whole body was shaking as he sobbed silently.  Becca hugged him protectively.  They didn't speak, they couldn't speak.  They just stared at the screen.

'I heard from a source that something terrible happened to Noelle.  Is it true?' was the question from Art's screen name.

'Yes' was the reply.

The fluffy flurry that we had played so innocently in, the gentle snowfall that blanketed the ground in a soft white blanket had taken the life of a good friend while the condition of another friend remains uncertain.

This morning the mood was somber.  Valentines were collected and shoved in Walmart bags almost as an after thought.  Red eyes brimmed over with tears without notice.  Hugs were spontaneous.  Conversation was soft, almost in a whisper. 

But then there was laughter, soft and almost sad, with lopsided smiles as the resilience of youth engaged its survival mechanism.  It will be a tough day, with many more bouts of tears as friends turn to each other for comfort, but these kids are strong and they will carry on.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the heartache her family must be going through right now, to wake up and realize that yesterday really happened and the nightmare was true.

You are loved, Noelle, and so very missed.


midwestvintage said...

 Oh how very sad.  My daughter in law was telling me about someone they lost yesterday also because of the snow and ice.  


deshelestraci said...

Oh how horrible.  I am so sorry.  Unfortunately, I just mentioned the ice being the bad part of winter yesterday.  Your family and hers are in my prayers.

mumma4evr said...

hugs to the Ooompas... our area lost 2 teens a few weeks ago and we still have one  girl  in intensive care.  hugs to all

glensfork4 said...

I am so sorry to hear that Jody...My prayers out to you all and the family of Noelle.

mzgoochi said...

aawww, how sad. I'm so sorry. :(

hugs to the Oompas.

princesssaurora said...

OMG... I am so sorry, sending prayers and hugs to the Oompas and Nicole's family in this time of grief.

be well,

ambassadorsinte said...

You did it again Dorn.  You made Dad cry.  Great addition today and we pray for her family too.  Noelle's in a much better place now with "The Man"  at her side.


pharmolo said...

All strength to Noelle's family, and yourselves, at this sad time :-\

jckfrstross said...

I am so sorry:( i will keep Noelle's family in my prayers and Art and Becca too:) life is so fragile you never know


mutualaide said...

Dorn, such terribly sad news.  Prayers for Noelle and her family ... and your family.  A recent loss of my cousins 17 year old son had us all reeling.  You are correct in your observations that perhaps your love has expanded and grown -- after the death of one so young, something changes and a different realization of love and its many facets dawns.  My sympathy to all of you.


hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I am just now back online after being off for several days since we got hit by the Big Storm.  Kentucky is not used to much snow--six inches of snow and several inches of ice crippled this area.  !00,000 homes are without heat, and it is below zero out. A little girl in town was killed when a tree limb fell on top of her in her own driveway...heavily laden by ice. Our whole area is grieving for this nine year old and such a weird death...

Give your beloved family a hug for us all here.