Monday, February 12, 2007

DICKIDOO'S GIFT THEORY, and a healthy nap

Dickidoo gave me a combined gift the other day for our Anniversary, Valentines and my birthday.  It was my plane ticket to Hawaii.  Awww, how sweet.... except for the fact that I had paid for the ticket myself!  Well, he figured that since he had to buy the groceries because I spent all my money on the ticket so with that reasoning he had in essence bought the plane ticket for me.

Nope Dickidoo, it don't work that way, but good try! 

His birthday is coming up, I wonder what I can give him that he bought for himself.  Actually... hehehehe... one year he really DID have to buy his own birthday present from me.  It was the gum ball machine that sits on the bar filled with pistachio nuts... He really wanted it, and I really wanted to get it for him but I didn't have the money for it so I had to bum the money off of him.   (Oops, maybe that's where he got the idea from... my bad!)

I have to admit though, I like when Dickidoo does the grocery shopping.  When he shops, he buys good stuff, like steaks and fresh fruit.  He grabs the brand name rather than the store brand, and he gets the MEGA packs.  I'm always calculating in my mind and trying to make my meager budget last for 14 days... that means pretty much generic everything, except for my coffee of course.  He doesn't even keep track, he just dumps stuff in the buggie.

So anyhow, Dickidoo's birthday is 5 days after Valentines Day.  He's told the kids that he wants a clean house for his birthday (yeah right, like that's gonna happen!) or he'll cut them off from the computer and the video games (okay, that might work...) He also told me what he wanted from me for his birthday (rather bold considering what he gave me for MY birthday).  We'll have to see about that.  I'm sure I can find something he's already got that he can have from me.

A recent study suggests that taking a half hour nap three times a week may reduce the risk of heart attack.  I don't know how accurate the study is, but if it involves taking anap, hey, it sounds good to me!

So, being the health conscious person that I am, I must bid you adieu so that I may go and take a heart healthy nap.

*Nope, its still not my birthday (September 13... don't forget the truffles).  Dickidoo just has a lousy memory for dates so he likes to lump everything all into one gift and get it done and over with.


ambassadorsinte said...

Ho hum, just woke up from my Heart Healthy nap and need so moisturization.  Hmmmmm I guess a beer'll do that, won't it.  That's healthy too, even for washing hair.    Oh well, wonder if that's true for Corona too.  Now that'd be a outright waste of good Corona.  Scrub that idea.  See you in 8 days "Ole daughter o mine"


mutualaide said...

One of my favorite past times ... heart healthy napping.  Although, before today I had no idea my half hour nap, daily, was good for my heart.  I have always believed it is good for the people around me!

Happy Birthday Dickidoo and Dorn too!

princesssaurora said...

I think Dickidoo should take you out to dinner alone for your anniversary before you leave... he will miss you so baaaadddd.... Just wait!

be well,

deslily said...

maybe a roll of toilet paper for his next hunt would make a good b'day pressie for him?... hmmm, make that... 1/2 roll so he runs out! lol

how the heck did you find my wordpress blog?  I'm just testing it.. don't think I like it much lol

swmpgrly said...

maybe dicki doo would like some vacume cleaner bags for his how about a calendar with your birthday already written

jckfrstross said...

well what to give him hummmm how about toilet paper for the hunting trips LMAO good luck finding a present for him


redbird914 said...

I don't much care for those "combined" gifts ... I want ONE for EACH occasion ... and if the Farmer gives it to me early, he better produce something ON the DAY also ... that's just the way it goes (just kidding).  
Naps, are for the birds ... but not Redbird!  My reasoning for no naps: I might miss out on something .. but hey, go for the nap, Oh Healthy One!  ;)  Love ya!

deshelestraci said...

That Dickidoo!  He is such a sly guy.