Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I thought I was being clever to use love as the theme and to post it on Valentines Day.  Real unique huh?  I even had a mushy poem written out, full of sentimental clichés all neatly contorted and forced to rhyme.

But here I sit, after spending a sad night and morning with my children, and I find that my whole opinion of love has changed dramatically overnight.  Or maybe it has just enlarged and become more defined.  I am no longer satisfied with my original efforts but my mind is mush, I am emotionally spent.  My brain is dangerously close to freezing up and shutting down.  I cannot spout poetry, not even foofy sentimental clichés.  My words which until recently felt romantic now seem blasé, tepid and as sincere as the words in a 99¢ greeting card.  I found myself wondering if I really even knew what love was.

I'm 46 years old.  I've been married to the same man for 23 of those years.  That's half my life!  My parents and role models will be celebrating their 50th anniversary later this month.  If anybody knows love its me!  To prove this I began listing down all of my thoughts on what I believed love was.  I started with my most recent observations and worked my way back.  The list grew longer and longer and longer until I saw a pattern forming and I had to stop because I realized that I just didn't have enough time or space to finish my list.

The pattern was simple and very obvious.  I was entering a new item to my list for just about every single day.  At that rate I would have a list approximately 16,955 lines long.  That's a long list and a whole lot of love.

Love is #16,955:  Love is siblings putting aside their differences to comfort each other in times of great sadness.

Love is #16,956:  Love is a father's hand on a son's shoulder with the silent message that it is okay to cryfor a lost friend.

Love is #16,957:  Love is pretending you don't hear or smell someone's fart to avoid embarassing them.

Love is #16,958:  Love is blogging about someone's farts because all is fair in love and blogging!  (No more brats for you Dickidoo!)


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Happy Valentine's Day!

Now get crawling!

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plittle said...

I find I want to comment, but have no words to offer.

princesssaurora said...

I liked your love list... I am so sorry about the loss of Nicole.  It is so devastating when a young person is taken from us.

Thank you for the plug.

be well,

demandnlilchit said...

Im going to go back in my archives for this one, not because I haven't found a million new reason to love Jim, but because it really summed up how I feel about and all the other tomorrows still to come!

ambassadorsinte said...

K....I was wrong.......Happy Valentine's Day


jckfrstross said...



maxsox5 said...

I love the pretending not to notice the fart-my Grandsons roll on the floor when Granny cuts one,what the heck is so funny about a fart I ask them,it's a human thing!! They just laugh more...

maxsox5 said...

I put in wrong addy for my journal
The right one is

missheathyrmaree said...

I love this entry.
And the one above it.
Love is many things.
I have yet to figure it out.
Happy Valentine's Day.

deshelestraci said...

I love your list.  What a sad time for your family.  Ihope it gets easier.

fisherkristina said...

Sorry I didn't have a chance to participate with an entry.  I had to go with my husband out of town to some appointments for his oncology visits.  But please continue to have blog crawls, I am going to participate next time.  As long as my husband being in the hospital prevents me.  So please keep up the blog crawls, I love them!


promiseluv372 said...

well somehow I missed this one... oh well. NO ONE trust me, would want to hear how I feel about love right now.  Of coarse if we go the direction of love for our children.... love for our friends I could write pages and pages of flowery lovey dovey stuff.   But since the "other" love is biting me hard and hurts it would be a blood bath of an entry so I guess it's a good thing I missed this one.