Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After staring at the hole in my pinstriped pants for half an hour contemplating a mending job that probably would only have taken two minutes tops, I decided upon my black brocade pants, lace tank, a denim jacket and swede ankle boots. I even brushed my hair. I wanted to look good for my 100th bust.

I was tempted to hand 'her' a balloon in celebration, complete with confetti and cake like the Dutch store did for their 10,000th. Fortunately for her I am obligated to be respectful, dang-it! At any rate I guess you could say I totally ruined her shopping experience and I'll settle for that.

The bad thing about adrenaline is that it makes me stink. Adrenaline itself doesn't stink, but it makes me perspire and that stinks! I couldn't take my jacket off because my bra strap and walkie wires would show so I had to sweat it out... and live with the stench.

Hey, maybe I burned off a couple of pounds! How cool would that be!?

100th on my 1st Anniversary. Yeah! (By the way, that's not great at all by any standard but it was a personal goal and I'm proud of it.)


Tabby said...

I love how you can still me me laugh even what your going through. Gratz on the 100th bust.

garnett109 said...

congrats on your 100 or first anniversary

GrapevineTexan said...

That's great! Shoplifters better beware of your store. You go get 'em.
I laughed out loud at the video of the HEMA shoplifter celebration. Thanks for the link.

Traci said...

Book 'em Dano.