Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Under where?

Fashion fads come and go. In my job I see the trends ebb in and out like the tide. Fluorescent hair, facial piercings, multi layered shirts, skin tight jeans, mismatched shoes, full body tattoos ~ all in an effort to appear cool.

I view most of these passing fancies with mild humor. Young and old alike, trying so hard to keep up with the Jones, who are trying to keep up with the Smiths.

I'm still wearing last decades jeans (yay, they fit!) but I do have a purple iPod with matching earbuds, does that make me cool?

The one fashion craze that I'm having a problem accepting is the displaying of the undies. Girls and women prance around with their bra straps deliberately showing, silently begging us to notice their neon animal print. Low cut jeans and high cut thongs that disappear into proud plumbers cracks. Guys waddle around with their feet far apart in an effort to keep their jeans in the perfect height above their knees but below their butt. I'm still trying to figure out why they even bother with a belt.

That's not fashion. That's just an attempt to justify sloppy, lazy dressing.

And for the record, I never thought Picasso was very talented either.


garnett109 said...

I've seen guys in there30's walking around ghetto style, not cool at all!

REGINA said...

i have to agree, girl. it is announcing "hey, i took all of 4 minutes to get dressed".

but i have to admit, some of the "bras" the girls wear are cute. i was having lunch with a friend and my daughter saw me before i left and told me to go and put on a bra. the shirt i was wearing wasn't conducive for wearing a bra, but she said that it showing is a fashion statement, and having baggy saggy boobs was just gross. i didn't ask the gentleman i met for lunch what he thought..........


Kathy said...

Come by to pick up your award Jodie!

Meadowlark said...

So what about people who get their noses pierced because they've wanted to since they were a little girl and saw a picture of a woman from India with a hoop?

Um, 'cause I can stay away if you'd LIKE, but I think we have several things in common.

Peace. :)