Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking the news (after all this time)

I finally got the balls to call Mama today and fill her in. It was made even harder because one of my cousins in Hawaii had severe hemorrhaging in his brain and is being kept on life support just long enough to find recipients for his organs before he will be put to rest.

We talked about my cousin. I remember him being so cool. He was infinitely patient with me, his clumsy cousin who idolized him because of his skills on the guitar and surfboard. I remember when I bought my first guitar, he came over to help me learn to play it... and he fell in love with my round back so he went out and bought an Ovation, which is the Cadillac of acoustic round back guitars.

He taught me to play the opening chords of 'Here comes the Sun', one of my favorite guitar tunes.

I miss him already.

There's nothing like real tragedy to make your own discomforts seem petty.

I hoped Mama had read my blog and was already aware of the situation but Mama doesn't really get on the computer much. She was not going to make this easy for me. Suddenly I felt like a sophmore in High School trying to figure out how to tell my parents that I had gotten a D in Algebra. I had never gotten a D on my report card before and I was devastated... not so much personally but by the thought of my parent's disappointment in me.

Mama was surprised but I didn't hear even a hint of disappointment in her voice when I told her of the pending divorce. She seemed genuinely saddened. But not disappointed.

And then there she was again, optimistic as always. How does she do that? How does she always see the bright side of the darkest room, and yet she always does and is already making plans for next year, and the year after.

I used to think I wanted to be most like my Grandmother, Baban. Now I realize that if I can be even just a little like my Mama I'm doing pretty damn good.

I wonder if Mama has Sam Elliot's phone number because I am now available to take his phone calls.


Amy said...

i'll bet your mom said you should come visit her, huh? :)

garnett109 said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin

Robin said...

My father died similar to how your cousin is. I'm so sorry to hear of that. It is tragic.

And, yes, puts ones own stuff into perspective. Even the D in algebra likely meant let's look at another path for you. I'm glad that she was sad for you vice disappointed.

One step at a time. I will send a prayer for your cousin. Peace.

GrapevineTexan said...

I am sorry to hear about your cousin; glad you can hold on to your sweet memories of him; and glad that because of the gift of his organs, he will go on doing good for a long, long time.

It would be so fun if Sam Elliott actually did call you!

Traci said...

So sad about your cousin. I know that feeling about disappointing your parents. But really all they want is for you to be happy.

Charley said...

I bet you do the same thing for your children that your mom did for you!