Saturday, July 25, 2009

If I can't have you...

1-800-BOOBIDOO: I have a kitten.
1-800-BOOBIDOO: I can't have you. You won't let me have another baby so I got a kitten.
1-800-DICKIDOO: Bad idea. Just telling you and you know it.

1-800-BOOBIDOO: I know.
1-800-DICKIDOO: Say no.
1-800-BOOBIDOO: Too late.
1-800-DICKIDOO: Send it back.
1-800-BOOBIDOO: Look, it's either a baby, a boyfriend or a kitten and the first two are not going to happen!

So add a tiny part Siamese kitten named Smokey to the chaotic population at Loompaland. Did I also mention the two garter snakes and a new goldfish named Aku?

And guess who held the kitten last night and let it fall asleep on his chest while watching TV last night... none other than Mr. "Send It Back" himself!


Amy said...

awwwww - pictures!

Indigo said...

Kittens are the cure for everything. Just saying...(Hugs)Indigo

Traci said...

I agree with both Amy and Idigo! My kitty is the greatest!

Robin said...

Well, of course:)

They'll stay loving you for years to come, too.

Dawn said...

Welcome Smokey... Stay away from the traitor (jk!) LOL Pictures please!

And, I read your post today about telling your mom... she sounds awesome.

be well...