Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I will use appropriate language in the hall.
I will use appropriate language in the hall.
I will use appropriate language in the hall.

My youngest son Art got called in to the principal's office for using 'inappropriate language' in the hall.  The teacher who had reported the offense wanted to put him in detention, or ISS (in school suspention).  Art was outraged and appealed to the principal, who handed down a lighter but more humiliating sentence, the old 'I will use appropriate language in the hall' 100 times routine.

So what was the offending word? 


Not 'ass', but 'butt'. 

I tried to sympathize with my son, who was obviously upset by the whole ordeal, but like the principal, all I could do was laugh.  Art was wrong, he knows he shouldn't be talking like that at school, but with the kind of language that I hear spouting from school kids mouths now days, if 'butt' is the worse that my kids say then I consider myself lucky.

I wonder what the penalty would have been for more serious profanity... 30 days ISS, maybe even Life Until Graduation?


promiseluv372 said...

OH I have a potty mouth.. always have.  I would be put to death!
but, come one the word Butt.. has the principal been paying attention.  That's nothing compared to what I hear around the school... on TV.. on video games.  hmm poor kid!


princesssaurora said...

OMG, that teacher needs to get a life.... and the principals punishment is at least appropriate I guess.  Butt.


be well,

chemelia2672 said...

How did the teacher know your son was using the word butt instead of but. I cannot believe something like the word butt would get a kid in trouble.  

Like you I'm laughing.

Thanks Dorn I needed a good laugh today.

fogspinner said...

I didn't even get that harsh of a punishment when a I was caught "making out" in the hallway. Sheesh.... Butt....

And I have the mouth of a sailor... luckily I taught my son first... just because mommy does/says it, does NOT make it ok for you. Thank the lord. The worst he's put forth for far (at 10) was crap. Said as his father tipped him upside down and flung him over his shoulder...... crap was the last word that came to my mind. :-)

jckfrstross said...

LOL when zach was in middle school he called a teacher a fat cow LOL i about died


rhondashkfree said...

Ya, I'd say if that is the worst language he used, you are lucky.  ~Rhonda  

candlejmr said...

The teachers these days are so darn crabby....i wonder if they have any kids of their own.  BUTT...give me a break.  I agree, if that's the worse thing he says, consider yourself lucky!  My son (he's 11) is on the CRAP word and I think that's worse than butt.  What was he supposed to say....ass?  What is he supposed to say when referrering to that part of the body that he sits on?  Backside?  Derierre?  For Pete's sake.....

I think his teacher is an ASS.  Sorry, not an ass....a BUTT head.  (LOL)


beyedlolly said...

Ohhhh sheesh.... Butt is fine... that teacher is AS(S)inine! Let him write that 100 times... ::wink::

mzgoochi said...

OMG! How stupid. That teacher needs a chill pill or something. Sheesh! @@


sassydee50 said...

OK, as a teacher I've said "butt" lots of times. Good thing no other teacher made me right lines or sent me to the principal's office...:-))))) Sassy