Friday, January 27, 2006

MY LIFE IN 15 LINES (more or less)

My Name: is Jody.

My childhood ambition: was to work with animals, write children's stories and take pictures of the mountains.  Now I live with animals, tell stories about my children and live on the mountains I used to dream about.

My fondest memory is: of summers spent in Kohala at my grandparents house.  I still escape to thoughts of those simple times when the realities of life become overwhelming.

My favorite sound track: used to be War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne.  Now its... War of the Worlds, by Jeff Wayne.  (sorry, my musical taste hasn't changed much in the past 4 decades).

My favorite retreat: was Camp Pupukea, a beautiful place shaded by iron wood trees and cooled by the ocean breeze.  Now I spend a lot of time in the shadow of the mountains at ponds near my house, with only the animals for company.  And when I can't get out of the house, I retreat to my throne room!

My wildest dream: has always been to look down at the earth. 

My proudest moment: cannot be singled out.  A mother has literally hundreds and thousands of proudest moments.  I celebrate each and every goal my children achieve.  I live a proud life.

My biggest challenge: has been to allow my children grow up.  I want to protect them, but I also want them to be able to protect themselves.  I am also learning to accept my husband for who and what he is, after all, he's accepted that I'm not going to change for him either.  (Okay, I don't know for a fact that he has accepted that, I just know that if he's waiting for me to change he'd better pull up a chair because its going to be a loooooooonnnngggg wait! )

My alarm clock: has not been set for years, I rely on the witch who lives inside my head and will not let me sleep past 6:30 am, regardless of whether I need to get up then or not!

A perfect day: begins with a cup of coffee and an email from my son.

My indulgence: has been, is and always will be chocolate!

My favorite movie: True Grit and Pirates of the Caribbean.

My last purchase: Bird and Bug field guides from the used book store.

My inspiration: is my mother, who has always been able to make something special out of next to nothing.

My Life: is just beginning.


princesssaurora said...

I love your 15 things...  you are so right about the mom things... there are many proud moments!

Be well,

beckieramos said...

Awww, great answers. God bless, Beckie

missheathyrmarie said...

I love this! I'm going to do it! Right now!

pumbathane said...

I love your attitude about life. So that gettin' up at 6:30 thing is a witch's doing huh? I've always wondered. Chocolate rules!


ambassadorsinte said...

Your Mom read your entry and is beaming from ear to ear regarding your entry about your inspiration.