Thursday, January 26, 2006


I do believe my push 'em up bra has done pushed 'em up for the last time.  Even a safety pin pulling the two cups together in the cross your heart spot doesn't help.  There's just no elevating me today.  Its sad that the only time the full wonder of my bosom is revealed is when I bend over.  Most times people just think its another one of my Michelin love handles.  You'd think the fact that they only protrude in the front might give them a clue.  So anyhow, I guess I go bra shopping today.  I guess I will have to face the reality that I might even need a larger size.  And maybe I'll get another one of them see-thru bras.  I could really get used to having Dickidoo making me breakfast in the mornings!


princesssaurora said...

LOL - I just recently found the most comfortable bras I ever had!  AND I bought 4 of them.... unheard of for me... I did go up quite a bit...I just bit the bullet and said...I am the only one who needs to know the letter and number... lol

Be well,

cmarlow330 said...

LOLOL JO.............


hope all is well for you in CO
havent talked to you in awhle

hows things going for you????/
I hope all well

sigh........... i wished things were better here but money is just so tight i dont even have aol sigh..........  i hate this town  i really do

heres my blog now


wumzels2 said...

well heck, dorn, at least you NEED a bra..............i am still waiting on puberty, and i just turned 52........................good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


beckieramos said...

LOL! Hope u were successful
! God bless, Beckie

debbi4873 said...

I don't know what it is, but the older I get the bigger my bazooms get.  At 21 I would have killed for these things, but now I just wonder how much more wieght they add to the final

sdoscher458 said...

I know the feeling well.  I have buried many a valiant bra in my day....the weight of the issue was just too much for them. I really think Brunhilda had the right idea hers were of metal aka Madonna! Have fun picking out a new one....Sandi

helmswondermom said...

Happy bra shopping!