Friday, January 27, 2006


If you don't turn off the spell check before cutting and pasting a journal entry from the compose window, it will copy the highlighted error which will remain highlighted when you save your entry!  Duh!


sdoscher458 said...

Ah yup! Did that a few entries reads well with a buttercup yellow backgroound! No matter what button I pushed spell check made me crazy so I left I should care although I would prefer pink...Sandi

deslily said...

Ummm, like.. do you really think we would have known those words were spelled wrong?? lol..  

I'm really glad you journal.. more often then not you are a bright spot in my day bringing a much needed smile to my face..  i even think i used to think alot like you.. once upon a time.

astaryth said...

So we are both mildly famous <LOL> So glad that not only did Kim use Letters to Gabe as a pick, but managed to get the link in there for Dust Bunnies too. Enjoy the week!