Saturday, August 5, 2006


Rocky snagged the deodorant from my bathroom yesterday.  I have two... a spray and a solid.  I use the solid on occasions when I won't be exerting myself much, or on cooler days and night.  The spray is used for long, hot days when I don't have the opportunity to refresh my protection, like when I'm at work.

Rocky grabbed the can of Secret, then came running out of her bathroom and stuck her armpit under my nose.

"Like that?"  she asked. 

I'm always nervous being that close to someone else's armpit but after my initial step back, I found myself leaning in closer for a better look.  A circle of white powder gleamed brightly against Rocky's teeshirt.

"Rock... did you spray ON your shirt, or UNDER your shirt?"

"Its supposed to go UNDER?"  she asked with genuine surprise?

Hahahahahahaha!  My cackling followed her down the hall.

But as things often have a way of working out, Rocky indirectly got her revenge on me.

I was rushing around in preparation for work and realized that my spray deodorant was not on my bathroom counter so I went in search of it in the girls' bathroom.  I grabbed the can that was sitting on the tacky turquoise faux marble vanity top and shoved it under my teeshirt, spraying generously.  I treated my other underarm to the same treatment, then replaced the lid on the can.  I took a deep appreciative sniff of the fruity fragrance.

Fruity?  And sticky?  Secret isn't fruity or sticky.

But the White Rain Maximum Hold Pearberry Boost hair spray is.

Grrrrrrr!  ROCKY!

16 more days until school starts!


princesssaurora said...

LOL... she is a sneaky one!!!  

Be well,

sdoscher458 said...

It was all in the plan....with your arms glued to your sides they could do whatever they wanted to...LOL.......Sandi

mzgoochi said...

LMAO!!! :)

deshelestraci said...

LOL!  That would happen to me!  Funny!

redbird914 said...

OH YEAH!!!  HIGH FIVE Turtle!!!

am4039 said...

LMAO. I wonder if Fruity White Rain worked. LOL. Well you smelled good at least.

hestiahomeschool said...

I snorted my ice tea up my nose....teach me to drink while reading you!!

motoxmom72 said...

I just choked on my dinner laughing!  I had to give myself the Heimlich Maneuver over a chair.  But thanks for the laugh!  Just major choking or harm came to me while reading this entry.  My mouthful just came back out onto my plate.  Not a pretty picture....LOL!!

jsdirtwtch said...

And do you know...
deodorant does NOT hold hair in place as well as one would hope.
Ask me how I know! ;)