Saturday, August 12, 2006

Big Red has new brakes.  One side was just a mangled up mess of twisted metal.  The other side was fine and still had many many miles left on it.  I guess Big Red is right-wheeled, or I'm right-footed, because that right side brake was all torn up.  Its amazing it didn't give way sooner.  It was really sobering to see the condition of the brakes.  To say that I am lucky to be alive is not an exaggeration.  And yes, I got back in the saddle, and she rides as well as she ever has.  I still think its about time to get a smaller car though.  Like a '65 Mustang maybe?

We finally heard from Gabe yesterday.  As soon as I can I will let you all know when he will be returning to the USA.  For now know that he is doing well and is in great spirits.  He's in a smaller camp now, with fewer luxuries, but hopefully it won't be for much longer so he's not complaining.

School starts in a week.  I do believe I am more excited than the kids are, which is saying a lot because they LOVE school!  I look forward to peaceful mornings after they leave, having the computer to myself again instead of having to wait until after they go to bed.  And no more 'safety' or 'doorknob', which is code talk for 'oops, I farted!'  No more loud noise disguised as music cds bearing the name of silly words followed by nonsensical numbers.  After 7am there shall only be classical, country or classic rock played in this house. 

John Denver?  Why yes, thank you, I do believe I shall!  And maybe even a little Kenny G or BTO.  Yeah, thats what I'm talking about!

Rocky's birthday is on the 14th, Gabe's is on the 17th, and Art's is on the 19th.   (As you can tell, there really wasn't much for Dickidoo and I to do during the month of November).  I think I shall have to file for Birthday Present Bankruptcy this year.  Plus Back to School... good grief!  I think its just about time they learned the truth about the Birthday Fairy... there is no such thing and there are no more birthday presents after the age of 11... except for your mother of course, who should receive presents once a month for the rest of her life for having to put up with the children!  Chocolate truffles would be nice.


am4039 said...

Happy Big Red is back and working good and of course your ok. Yep the kids go to school and you can have the computer again, I know the feeling. LOL. Happy you talked to gabe and hopefully he'll be home soon.

beckerb6 said...

Oh yes back to school time was always my favorite time of year. The first day of school was my favorite the peace just flowed through the house, I treated my self to a special breakfast Nachos from 7-11. Yep I am easy to please. :)

deslily said...

As always it's good to hear Gabe is ok.. but like you, I will be glad when he's home!  I hate that anyone's kid is over there!

It would seem the birthday fairy is never allowed to go away... they just get old and cranky and have to spend more each year! lol...

I do like how you think that moms should be "gifted" every month..yeah yeah yeah!

ps.. i'll take John Denver anyday!!

swmpgrly said...

dickidoo must have been walking around with a big smile on his face every

deshelestraci said...

I'm glad you are back in the safer saddle!  That's funny that several of your kids are all born in the same month!  
Btw, chocolate truffles are always nice, she says while listening to Charlie and the Chocolate factory in the background!

princesssaurora said...

I am so glad that an angel kept you and Rocky safe in Big Red, and now Red is fixed.  Yay Gabe!  Happy birthday to all and yes, lot of presents for mom would be nice!  lol

be well,

hestiahomeschool said...

My birthday is the 26th.  My mom's is the 24th. I was born two days after she turned fourteen. (yikes!) and she had been married 14 months already. Gotta love those hillbillies!