Thursday, August 17, 2006



Good golly, I just wanted to post a comment!  I swear, its probably easier to cross the US border illegally than it is to post a comment on some blogs.  This is crazy. They use camouflaged letters on a patterned background and half the time you have to be a computer to break the code.  Homeland Security could learn a thing or two from some of these 'visual verification programmers', cos those guys are good!  As for me, I'm getting too old for tests, thank you very much.

Dickidoo and I went to the Journey / Def Leppard concert on Tuesday.  What a show!  Those guys are every bit as old, if not older, than I am, and from 39 seats back they look as good as ever. Talk about awesome!  They've been singing for decades and still sound the same.   Unfortunately our seats were right behind a major beer intake and output crossing.  I spent half of the show watching strangers butts pass within inches of my face on their way to get beer, then back to their seat, then to the john to make room for more beer, then back to their seat, then back for more beer, etc.  And being as the audience was from the same generation as Dickidoo and I, they weren't even 'hot buns of steel', they were droopy, sagging and over stuffed.  Not something you want jiggling in front of your face on a hot summer night.  Oh well, at least the music was good.  And Dickidoo treated me to a Journey hoodie.  (Thanks love!)  Oh... and when you have the chance, check out Def Leppard's 'Rock On'.  Its not as good as David Essex (lets face it, nobody is as good as David Essex!), but they run a close second.

And finally, but most importantly,



sdoscher458 said...

Oh I hate those things too...I think they are tests for teens, no one without 20/20 eyesight can figure them out...Happy Birthday Gabe!!!....Sandi

xonycolea said...


Journey/Def Leppard came here && I missed the concert. -pouts-
BUT, my friend Lindsay went and said it was amazing, I'm so jealous
you got to go!  My ringtone right now is "Anyway you want it"
ha ha ha.
Happy Birthday Gabriel!

am4039 said...

well gee if they are going to go in front of you to bad they were not nice butts. That sucks. Sounds like a good time. Happy Birthday Gabe.

deshelestraci said...

The comments thingy on blogger has a handicap symbol under the scrambled letters. That cracks me up!
I saw Def Leppard twice back in the day!  Never made it to a Journey concert.
Happy Birthday, Gabe!

plittle said...

Also, do the kids get a lot of jokes about their last name?

plittle said...

It looks like Gabe is somewhat less than enthusiastic about your Birthday greeting. Either that, or he's trying to show you a boo-boo on his fingernail.

deslily said...

Isn't that sweet!  Gabe is saying you're #1 !!  hehehe

justplainbill said...

Happy Birthday, good luck and prayers to you. Bill

princesssaurora said...

That is why I no longer comment on blogs off of AOL.  Don't want to work that hard...

Yay!  We listen to Journey and Def Leppard all the time on cds in the car!  The kids are hooked now too!  I am glad you enjoyed the concert....

Happy bday again, Gabe!

be well

globetrotter2u said...

Is that little bugger giving mama the finger?

Shame on you, GAbe!

Happy birthday soldier, and get your butt home soon!


Ooops! almost forgot...Yep, you are so right on! That visual verification crap proved to me how handicapped I really am. I fake it well , though:)