Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CONDOLENCES, Oompas revenge and homeward bound.

I'd like to have a moment of silence if I may, for the poor Geometry teacher who has both Art AND Becca in the same class.

I give her 3 weeks max before she's calling me, probably to inform me that she will be separating the siblings.  The marching band teacher also has to put up with them, but he's already had them all summer and has successfully if not somewhat strategically placed Art under a tuba and Becca behind a flag.  He never has to see or hear them.  (must be nice!)

My current work schedule is very 'sanity friendly'.  I see the kids in the morning before school, but I leave for work before they get home.  I come home for dinner and spend 40 quality minutes with them before buzzing on back to the store.  They are all in bed by the time I get back home.  Nice!

I can tell they already miss harassing me.  They set little booby traps up around the house to make up for lost opportunities.  Last night was a late night.  It was after 1am before I got home.  I went straight to the girls' bathroom to take care of a little business.  When all was said and done, I reached for the door knob and grabbed a handful of nothing.  Shocked, I peered at the door.  The door handle on the inside of the bathroom was gone although I could see the hardware from the other side through the hole where the knob once was.  I pushed on the door and jabbed at the Kwikset innards to no avail.  Without the means to engage the latch I was stuck.

Cute kids, real cute!

After several failed attempts and contemplating a ruckus sure to wake the entire household, I discovered a toothbrush with a handle that fit perfectly into the hole in the latch assembly and was able to open the door.  I almost raised the ruckus just out of the pure need for revenge, but that's okay, all will come in due time.

No word yet from the senior Oompa.  Word has it he should have his boots on the ground around the 26th.  Its hard not to be excited at this point.  He's asked that we not drive out to meet him and instead save the homecoming for later.  That was a hard one to agree to, but I understand where he's coming from and know that he needs the down time to just get all that out of his system.  The main thing is that he'll be in the US.  I'm hoping that when he does make it back our way that he'll have Little Zachary with him.  What an awesome Christmas present that would be (hint hint Gabe!)


deslily said...

Ohhhhmy.. your kids are GOOD at practical jokes!!  I can't imagine where they get it from!  heh.


plittle said...

 The key here is after you have successfully negotiated one of their little traps, to never even mention it. When they ask, "did you use the bathroom?" you answer, "yes, why?" Put on a face that says you found absolutely nothing out of place. Except, keep that toothbrush on your person, so one of them can't use it when you spring the same trap on them later.

justplainbill said...

Great news on Gabe. Not even a week until he will be in the USA. Wonderful.

redbird914 said...

HAHA ... give me the address to the Geometry teacher, and I will send her flowers and LOTS of chocolate and Calgon.  
I'm so happy Gabe will  be returned safely very soonly!  Steven Lee will follow suit in no time I hope (more on this later)  Geeeeeeez, I can't wait for you to post that first picture of your FIRST HUG, and FIRST KISS, and FIRST SQUEEZE and FIRST SHARING OF SOGGY COOKIE with you and baby Zack ! ! !  I hope Santa gives you what you want for Christmas lil Sis  God's Speed Gabe!

jckfrstross said...

what an evil joke to play on you at night LOL i do hope the geometry teacher survives the year lol you will feel much better when Gabe is back home on american soil:)


deshelestraci said...

Saturday is soooo close!  Yippeeee!  If he's at Ft Campbell I could run up and see him for you.  It's pretty close to us.  I suppose that would be weird though.  
Poor Geometry teacher!  I'll say a prayer.

ambassadorsinte said...

Sheesch!  With the boys coming home, me and the rest of the Church Cogregattion will have to find somebody else to pray for.  No problem. we have lots of Hawaii boys and girls over there.
God speed Gabe and y'all come quick Steven Lee.

Grandpa and Grandma