Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BLOG CRAWL 3, Before Computers

I tried to remember life before computers... I tried.  I sat and I thought, and then I thought and I sat.  Nothing.  A complete blank.  And so, as I often do when I have no where else to turn, I logged on the computer and Googled 'Life Before Computers'.  There was a bunch of ads from Amazon and dozens of links for joke sites, but no quotable research.  Therefore I can only conclude that life before computers did not exist.  It was a myth, a joke.  End of story.

Now, life SINCE computers, well, thats a whole different story!


 Wake up... grudgingly, (but then I remember the computer and I bounce out of bed.)

 Do my 'duties' in the bathroom, (quickly because the computer calls to me)

 Turn on the computer (this is a maneuver that can be completed in the dark thanks to a cyber-magnetic homing device in the tip of my right index finger)

 Pour a cup of coffee while waiting for Windows xp to load.  (too bad the computer doesn't load as fast as the coffee brews).

 Log on to AOL.

 Experience a feeling of peace and well being.

 Read e-mails from children who must forward any requests for funding or mediation.  This is the preferred method of communication since volume can be controlled and screen names can be ignored or deleted if need be.

 Read emails from spouse and wonder why he is fwd'ing a link to getajob.com.  Can't he see, I'm too busy to get a job!

  Check my horoscope so I know how I'm expected to behave today.

  Check lotto numbers to see if I'm a multi-millionaire yet.

 Realize that I am NOT a multi-millionaire yet.  Delete shopping cart at Macy's.

 Search for German bbq recipe to use for supper.

 Accept the risk of 7 years bad luck for deleting another Little Tommy chain letter.

 Consider ordering from the spammed penile enlarger catalog and switching them with spouse's One A Day vitamins just to see if it really works. 

 Log off as spouse's car turns up the driveway and turn on dishwasher to simulate work in progress.

 Intercept spouse on landing with beer and a promise to bring supper down while he relaxes on sofa infront of the TV.

 Rush upstairs and toss some frozen hotdogs into a pot on the stove.

 Log back on to AOL.

Here are this issue's participants:  Click on their links to read their memories on life before computers (oh, the horror!)

*pharmolo:  Blogcrawl - Before Computers ; Pencil, paper and 35mm film? 

*cmarlow330:  My very First Blog Crawl!!! ; (This guy was weaned on Windows!) "I use to know before we had one and I was miserable I cant belive I found ways to pass the time by hahahahaha when I was a kid with no pc.. lol"

Just a couple entries this time, but some amusing comments, take a look:

*swmpgrly:  "omg life without a computor. I d have to find a hobby...lol"

*ambassadorsinte (my dad):  "Now I do know what life was like before computers.  It was very noisy.  Everything was analog and was hooked up using gears, wheels, much frustration and sweat.  But it got me to the North Pole (Almost) and back, kept us on course with DRT using guitar strings and very good navigators.  I saw my very first real computer in 1961 and it was the size of Dornbrau's living room and used peanut tubes.  Came the transistor and diodes............came smaller computers that could be carried in a box (big box).  Yep, been there, done that."

*glensfork4:  "I remember BIG HUGE computers when I first started working at my first job, We had a seperate room for them. When the Fax machine first came out we were all so hyped up about it. We kept inventory counts on long metal trays and did all "update" manually....Orders by telephone, problem-solving, etc. But I will say I do love how convienent this generation is regarding PC's & such, but personal contact is LONG GONE for most. "

*hestiahomeschool:  " Lord, I remember all of those...and homeschooling was SO much harder without a computer..and we had to use a phone tree to communicate with all the other moms in our group, which was a pain."

*aiibrat:  "i remember windows 3.1 and my room-mate's/bestfriend's boyfriend would crash my computer.  ironic, i was always able to piece back together, but he couldn't.  more ironic that he works for google and makes millions and i'm merely an extraordinary peon.
i think i had more of a life before computers.  but, i have more fun with a computer."

*helmswondermom:  "{{shudder}} Yes, I do remember....but I try not to think about it!"


cmarlow330 said...

AHAHAHAHA JO.. about what you said about me lmaooo

indeed its true I was winged on windows haha from the time i was in 6th grade starting out on my first school MACINTOSH




princesssaurora said...

LOL  I love the comments and your entry too!  I have decided that I don't want to remember it either!

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Computers seriously have been a lifesaver for me. Being deaf communicating with others was awkward and difficult. Now I can communicate with people all over the world as if I could hear. (Hugs) Great entry! Indigo

hewasolddog299 said...

Well, I used to read 30 or 40 whole books a year. I managed to write (long hand on legal tablets) the bureaucratic equivalent of a couple of books every year, my house and cars were in good repair and I managed to cook a meal and sit down EVERY EVENING with my family to eat it.

Can't say I've been anywhere near as organized or productive since getting a computer.

hunybea4him said...

so true so true.. my children will never know life with out computers.. unless we go off the grid.. haha as if.

Much Love,

cdittric77 said...

My compy has been dead in the water for a few weeks (finally got her running again last night - I had the shakes!

justplainbill said...

Jody, I love your day on the computer. It is so much like mine. Do you think seven hours a day seven days a week is excessive? I surly don't but my wife thinks I should cut it to an hour. What am I to do?