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This month's theme is: Before Computers

Write an entry, post a photo or graphic, link to an old entry, what ever tickles your fancy.  The theme is entirely open to interpretation.  Leave a link in the comment section of this entry by... oh, lets say Thursday, March 22nd and I'll try to have the list of participants by the following day so we can get crawling (that's the fun part).

Here's an old entry of mine from Bloggers Anonymous to get you in the mood:

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Thursday, October 21, 2004
12:19:00 AM EDT




* 5¼" floppy disks

* when hard drives were measured in MB's.

* When your monitor could fit on top of the CPU.


* Black and white monitors.

* Windows, not 98, not XP, just Windows. 

* the sound of a dial up modem.

* a 4 character password for AOL.

* what life was like WITHOUT a computer?


cmarlow330 said...

#1. YES

#2. YEP

#3. YEP.

#4. oh yeah. DOS.... c:/win

or C:/dir lolololololol

#5. We had a monocrome monitor on our old 5  1/2 IBM machine

#6.. no?

#7.. OH YES...... DIAL UP used it for years

#8... AOL had 4 char passwords NO WAY!??!

#9.. I use to know before we had one and I was miserable I cant belive I found ways to pass the time by hahahahaha when I was a kid with no pc.. lol

~ Christopher ~

swmpgrly said...

omg life without a computor. I d have to find a

ambassadorsinte said...

Now I do know what life was like before computers.  It was very noisy.  Everything was analog and was hooked up using gears, wheels, much frustration and sweat.  But it got me to the North Pole (Almost) and back, kept us on course with DRT using guitar strings and very good navigators.  I saw my very first real computer in 1961 and it was the size of Dornbrau's living room and used peanut tubes.  Came the transistor and diodes............came smaller computers that could be carried in a box (big box).  Yep, been there, done that.

pharmolo said...

My ramblings:

cmarlow330 said...

Here ya go Jo:


glensfork4 said...

I remember BIG HUGE computers when I first started working at my first job, We had a seperate room for them. When the Fax machine first came out we were all so hyped up about it. We kept inventory counts on long metal trays and did all "update" manually....Orders by telephone, problem-solving, etc. But I will say I do love how convienent this generation is regarding PC's & such, but personal contact is LONG GONE for most.


hestiahomeschool said...

Lord, I remember all of those...and homeschooling was SO much harder without a computer..and we had to use a phone tree to communicate with all the other moms in our group, which was a pain.

aiibrat said...

i remember windows 3.1 and my room-mate's/bestfriend's boyfriend would crash my computer.  ironic, i was always able to piece back together, but he couldn't.  more ironic that he works for google and makes millions and i'm merely an extraordinary peon.

i think i had more of a life before computers.  but, i have more fun with a computer.

helmswondermom said...

{{shudder}} Yes, I do remember....but I try not to think about it!