Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CHEMO, Costco and other stuff

Lisa, my oldest sister (aka Squirrleywoman, aka Dirty Dish Fairy) found out yesterday that she will have to undergo chemo treatments after all.  She is having her 'port' fitted even as I sit here.  I have a lot of faith in modern medicine, but am frustrated that we are still struggling to find a cure for this disease that has plagued our planet for generations.  What hair she doesn't lose after her first round of treatments will almost certainly fall off during the second round.  Ironically she cut her long beautiful hair and donated it to Locks for Love just a little while before she found out about the cancer.  Wouldn't it be cool if she picked out a wig that had some of either hers, Gabe's or Art's hair in it? Or maybe she will be like Mama.  Mama is due for her second to the last treatment and still has most of her thick silver hair.  That's Lisa and I in Hawaii last February.  Her hair was longer and more beautiful than mine, but my camera was bigger!  (huh!  Until it got wet, dang it all!)

Costco's opened its first wholesale store in the Springs.  Its up north, although they call it the 'eastside'.  Someone told me that if you were to close your eyes before you walked into the store, and then opened them once you were well into the store that you would think you were in Sam's Club.  I decided to test that theory.  I was by myself and obviously couldn't walk through the crowded entrance on Grand Opening morning with my eyes closed so I merely lowered my gaze to the ground and watched my feet until I was about 50 yards into the store then looked up and around.

Holy Cannoli, I was in Sam's!

Oh, no wait, the signs all say 'Costco'.

Moral of the story, if you already have a Sam's Club membership, don't bother to join Costco because they really are pretty much the same.  They're like cousins.  Sam's is the small town country cousin and Costco is the rich city cousin.  Both offer good bargains in bulk.  The difference is in the amount (Sam's carries a greater variety) and the quality (Costco is more upscale).  Both are amazing stores to browse through and I could very happily spend a whole paycheck there at either one and still leave feeling like I forgot something.

But that's okay, that's what Walmart is for!

And Safeway.  I love Safeway because they always have new stuff to try.  Their bakery just started serving a mocha/caramel cake that is to die for!  We also picked up some blueberry juice cocktail that is very addictive.  It doesn't have that real blueberry taste yet I can't stop drinking it.

I just hope my pee doesn't turn blue!


deshelestraci said...

Prayers for your sister.

dsonney01 said...

I will hold pink thoughts for you sister and Mama- May you all recieve blessings. ps Costco has these great water beverages called VitaRain, one of them is BlueberryPom. They are all good!

astaryth said...

Still keeping your sister (and your Mom, of course) in my thoughts and sending them all the good energy I have available.

I agree with you about a cure. Too many good people I know have been lost to this terrible disease.

midwestvintage said...

Sorry to hear about your sister, hopefully she will get a wig made out of her hair, that would be awesome.   I dropped my Sam's club when the kids grew up.  I don't want or need anything supersized.


frankandmary said...

I'm truly sorry about your sister.  Maybe she has the face for the "no wig" look. I know someone going thru chemo right now that went that way, & she looks beautiful.
I practically do close my eyes food shopping, at least when I can get away with it.  Not my favorite pass time. Grab 5 things & go.....

mutualaide said...

Jodie, I hold your sister and others in my prayers and close to my good thoughts always.  

With all the technology today it's hard to digest that there is no better treatment, no better preventive, no better anything.  But as I say that I know that there has been progress ... everything is so much more than it was years ago.  

Forget shopping.  Let's just go out to eat.

gaboatman said...

Your sister will be in my prayers as she starts her first round of treatments.  I agree and feel frustrated, too, that we still don'thave a cure for this dreadful disease.  Thanks for the review of COSTCO.  I belonged to COSTCO decades ago and wondered what they may be like today.  Now I don't have to wonder, LOL.  BTW, your last line of the post really cracked me up.

princesssaurora said...

Praying for you Sis... and your mom and you and all....

be well,

jckfrstross said...

praying for your sis:) i agree with you on Sams and Costco i say give me Walmart lol now for the blueberry drink if it doesn't have real juice then wonder what is in it? have a good thursday


sdoscher458 said...

((Dorn)) keeping you all in my prayers. They keep coming up with cutting edge things and I pray to God they get it right and soon...a cure for that is even more than my wish for peace. Don't drink too much of that blue'll turn into a, Sandi

plittle said...

My wife used to have a Sam's club membership at work, and now we have a Costco membership (closer to home). You are right, they both look much the same. Pat says there are differences. There are some things she says were a better deal at Sam's, and some things she could get there that we never see at Costco. The meat is better at Costco, which as far as I'm concerned is the only consideration. Mmm, meat!

All my best wishes to your family. I hope your sister's treatment goes well. May her hair grow back, and her cancer...not.

amy122389 said...

Your pee may not be blue, but your crap will probably be flourescent green.  That's what happens with grape soda, so why not blueberry juice?  LOL

I never walk out of Sams with a bill under $50.00  Tsk.

::hugs for you and Lisa::


rbrown6172 said...

i've been praying for your sister, and hope chem goes relatively smoothly for her.  so....hubby didn't give ya his camera for his b'day???  lol  take care.

lacaza3 said...

our costco has some nicer furniture but yeah basically the same food. I like going in and dreaming if I had a million
donna In TEXAS

motoxmom72 said...

I'll say prayers for your sis.  Added to those prayers are prayers that the cure for cancer will be found in OUR lifetime so our children and future grandchildren won't have to suffer from that rotten disease.
Oh....I just got a notice that you went private.  Can I please be added to your list?  Thanks!!!