Thursday, February 28, 2008

MELEE anyone?

Art came home one Saturday earlier this month complaining about being sore from a 'Melee' session.  Not too sure exactly what a 'Melee' session was, I told him to take some Advil and call me in the morning.  The following Saturday he insisted on me joining him at one of his 'Melee' sessions.

Red flag!  He was in pain after his previous 'Melee' session.  I don't like pain.  In fact I hate pain and avoid it at all cost.

Art just wanted me to take pictures.  Take pictures of pain?  Yeah, I could do that.

'Melee' turned out to be a group of big kids (as in teenagers and grown ups) playing around at the park with big foam wrapped swords, spears and shields.  The duct taped padding is deceptive, the force of the Nerfish weapons easily bring grown men to their knees with tears in their eyes.

Nah, they don't cry, not the 'boo hoo' kind of cry.  Mostly they cuss... loudly.  Even the girls are tiny Amazons and take the hits with all the grace of Zena.  A newbie will only be fooled by their size and feminity once, and after he gets totally clobbered by one of the girls he will forget all of his daddy's stern preachings about not hitting girls.  If you don't hit these girls first they will bring you down... painfully! 

One learns to swing hard and run fast during a 'Melee' session or risk being tenderized by various foam wrapped weapons of mass destruction.  The foam only softens the edges of the weapons, not the blows.  A foam wrapped wooden pole or pvc pipe swung full force at your butt still feels like a wooden pole or pvc pipe being swung full force at your butt.  Quite frankly I think the foam only serves to protect the weapons...

Bruises are badges of honor.  Rocky is covered with them.  She is proudest of the huge one on her thigh.  Even Dickidoo and Zack sport a few discolorations of their own.  Yes, the whole family is involved now.  Becca hasn't attended an official 'Melee' session in the park yet but she has sparred with her brother in the back yard.

Who would have thought the Oompas could pick up weapons and beat the snot out of each other... and their father... with their parents blessings, all the while Mama stood by taking pictures of the whole episode!  

Ironically there has been no fighting in the house amongst the kids lately.  I guess they used all their aggression at the park, or they're saving it for the coming weekend...  Either way I'm enjoying the peace.

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chat2missie said...

That actually sounds like a lot of fun! LOL

jlyn0809 said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!!  What an awesome way to let off some steam!

jlyn0809 said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!!  What an awesome way to let off some steam!

jlyn0809 said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!!  What an awesome way to let off some steam!

deshelestraci said...

Ok, I should have realized that I was included when you went private.  I forgot to reset the allerts.
Bunch of crazy people enjoying the pain!