Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HE SAID 'CAUCUS'... (hehehehe!)

Dickidoo and I went to vote in the straw poll at our local caucus this evening.  I walked in ready to do my civic duty, to make my voice heard.  We were right on time.  We're never right on time, we're always late.  But we were right on time for the caucus.  Unfortunately our precinct committee representatives were 15 minutes late but finally, just minutes before the caucus was set to begin I was standing in front of the registrar with my state ID card in hand.

I was not on the list.

Dickidoo was, but I wasn't.   Impossible!  How could that be?  I have been voting in that precinct ever since our arrival in Colorado 14 years ago.  The registrar didn't seem concerned.  She told me to call the office in the morning.  In the mean time there was nothing she could do, I could not vote at the caucus... which I had showed up right on time for.  Her committee member husband inquired if I was sure I was a registered Republican.

'Oh I'm darn sure I'm a registered Republican!' I replied indignantly.  Then suspicion set in... 'It was probably the Democrats that did this, they erased my name!  They shut me up!  They finally took away my voice and shut me up!'

Dickidoo was probably wishing someone WOULD actually shut me up at that point, but he took his little college rule torn off straw ballot with grin and moved to the back of the elementary school classroom.  After pouting in the hallway I finally joined him for the precinct meeting.

Nominations and votes were finalized.  Volunteers were signed up.  I continued to pout loudly about how I was shut up ( obviously figuratively speaking only).  Other citizens showed up... late, but ready to do their civic duty.  They got their torn college ruled ballot and sat down.  One woman scanned the attendance sheet for her father's name.  He wasn't on any of the precinct lists.  "It was the Democrats!"  I warned her. 

The straw poll was counted.  It was Romney, McCain and then HuckabeeEven if I had voted it still would have been Romney, McCain and then Huckabee.  But I would have known that my vote had been counted.  It may not have made a difference in the election but it would have been counted.  And it would have made a difference to me.

Damn Democratic saboteurs.

Or.... maybe, just possibly... when I registered to vote in Colorado 14 years ago... just perhaps I wasn't affiliated with the Republican party at the time.

Crap.  Gonna have to fix that I suppose.  Well, at least I can still vote.

ps:  Dickidoo is fine.  We will celebrate our Anniversary later, perhaps next year.  Thanks for all the well wishes.


sdoscher458 said...

Lol...I have voted every year that you needed to vote locally and nationally since I was 18...I am now 64 and one year I wasn't on the list either...how did that happen?  I started out as a Republican and switched to the Democrats did everything right and proper it still didn't go through right so don't worry. Here in Florida we think our votes don't count anyway, at least not for the last eight years and counting..lol. Now they want to stop our delegates which are our voices at the convention...so there you go again. We need a woman in charge dear anyway...love ya...Sandi

jckfrstross said...

that stinks! so glad Dickidoo is ok:) have a great hump day


deshelestraci said...

oh me.  I can see you like a mad little wet hen!  LOL  Sorry that didn't work out for you.

princesssaurora said...

Glad Steve is okay...

be well,

mutualaide said...

Glad the 'old boy' is okay and was able to get out and vote.  Shame on you ... you Democrats that think morphing into a Repub is an automatic ticket to the caucus ...   ;)

dsonney01 said...

This happened to me once, but it was Ross Perots fault..I know how you felt-

justplainbill said...

Jodi, I hate when that heppens and no one but us seems to care. It ain't fair.
Glad your hubbu is OK, Bill

hestiahomeschool said...

hehehe...us Damn Democrats are soooo sneaky....I warned them about you!

chat2missie said...

Those darn Democrats!  They'll do anything! LOL

promiseluv372 said...

Once I was in a hospital.. we won't say what kind.. lol okay I had a nervous break down.. I was there for REST! lol
But come election day they wouldn't allow us out to vote. It really made me mad.. then they made matters worse by telling me "you should have applied for (drawing a blank here)" but where you vote and send it in... my mother does that cuz of her disablity. Anyway, then it got worse I found out they actually bring voting polls into the jails.. (no felons can vote) but the other people can. So criminal can vote.. "crazy" people can not! :)

stinckerbelle said...

Haha! Caucus IS an S.T.D. LOL My vote counts in This poll atleast!

ng2000news said...

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