Friday, February 29, 2008


I hate that where once I would read an article about cancer and not know what it meant, I now know what a lot of the terminology means.

I hate that my mom and sister now know what some of those terms feel like.

I hate that in this day and age of modern medicine and miracle cures we must still revert to the almost barbaric practice of cutting out the afflicted area in order to save cancer patients.

Ya know what I hate?  I hate cancer.  Period.

I'll bet if Dr. McCoy were real and alive he could find a cure for cancer, aided by Dr. Crusher.  Between them and their handy little Tricorders they could cure anything.

Seriously though... if the writers of Star Trek had included an episode where a cure for cancer had been found, I'll bet some Trekky scientist/doctor would make it so.  You saw what they did with Quicktime and mp3 players, those were inspired by Star Trek.

Or maybe... and I guess I'm just being a little selfish here, but maybe we don't need to  spend billions of $ on pictures of all those galaxies far far away that we can never travel to in our life time, so maybe... maybe we should spend the money set aside for that kind of research on something a little closer to home.  Like cancer.

I hate cancer.

Beam me up Scottie!


chat2missie said...

Seeing what all my mom has gone thru with cancer, I agree.  We need to stop sending things up to space and start spending that money on a cure!!

sugerb6 said...

Cancer SUCKS! They don't want to find a cure it would put too many people out of work. That's my take on it. Why do I feel this way you ask? Because this coming Monday will be 2 long years since I lost my youngest sister to breast cancer. She fought like hell to live, in the end it was the medical profession who came out the winners and we her family the losers. We buried Judy on her 44th birthday. I'm sorry I really don't mean to sound so gloomy about this and I wish your Mom and your sister many blessings bestowed upon them on their cancer journeys. No you are not being selfish! You are the daughter and sister of someone you love dearly who are fighting for their lives while someone else is off in la la land dreaming about being in a history book. I could care less about who went to the moon or other parts of the galaxy. Is that going to save our loved ones or us from cancer? I don't think so, but what do I know, I'm just a little peon who has loved and lost. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

deshelestraci said...

I'm with you.  I have a friend who's second grade son is battling a brain tumor.  NOT FAIR!  NOR is it fair that your mom and sis are in the same place.

michele21569 said...

I have lost both my FIL  & MIL to lung cancer, my hubby has lung issues that "could" grow into cancer..but I can't worry about that yet. Iknow how you are feeling....and yes, it sucks, and there isn't anything I could write that can make it better, but I am here if you ever need to talk to someone OK?


hewasolddog299 said...

Woulda, coulda, shoulda... perhaps if we didn't allow GWB to prosecute an unnecessary "war" at a cost of three trillion dollars and nearly 3000 servicemen and women's lives...