Saturday, July 17, 2004


*  I want a clean house, I just don't want to be the one who does the cleaning.

*  I love to cook and am very good at it, I  just don't cook very often because I hate cleaning up after myself.

*  Washing dishes is easy once I get started... its the getting started thats hard!

*  I enjoy a buzz from alcohol but beer and Sauza tequila are the only ones that don't give me the hives so I rarely drink enough to get drunk.

*  I like the feeling of sneezing.

*  I am built like a hobbit, short with large feet that don't like to be in shoes.

*  I don't have a set laundry day, I just wait until all of my clothes are dirty and then I wash them.

*  I don't water my yard, no sence wasting good water on weeds.

*  I don't do windows or baseboards, mine haven't been cleaned since we moved in 5 years ago.

*  I don't have caller ID, I'll talk to anyone!

*  The longest I've left a Christmas tree up is August, when my husband was in Korea (even though he spent Xmas with us).  

*  I have 2 clocks in the house that I never change with daylight savings, that way they're already set when its time to 'fall behind'.

*  I don't have any calendars.

*  I don't wear a watch and am almost always late for almost everything.

*  I drink out of a mason jar at home, I even have a huge 2 quart jar for iced tea that my friend gave me.

*  I am Okinawan.... I am only Indian by injection.

*  Liver and lima beans are the only foods I will not eat, I love raw fish.

*  I like the smell of gasoline, I don't sniff it though because it's too expensive ($2.05 a gallon!).

*  When I was in high school I used to dress in my school clothes before I went to bed so I could sleep longer in the morning.

*  When my shoes get dirty I just throw them away and get a new pair... I wish I could do the same with my house but a new house costs a little more than a pair of sneakers.



cathy0o0 said...

lmao... i feel the same way about my house,and shoes,my jar is an old pickle jar.

vwkwan said...

Haha...this is cute...especially the one about dressing in should've told me that when I was lil : )


gatorspictures said...

hmmmm....similarities: the clock in my car is never changed with daylight savings...i can't remember how.
i never wear a sundial, and i am usually late for everything also (i blame it on my car clock).
woops, love lima beans.
i may have dressed in my school clothes in high school except for the fact that i wore my clothes to bed for the first day of first grade because i was so excited about starting school....and dreamed i was on the know the rest....hehehehe   c

ryanagi said...

*  I don't have a set laundry day, I just wait until all of my clothes are dirty and then I wash them.

LMAO! This is me too. And many of the others apply as well. :-)

ann7inflorida said...

LMAO!!!! I like the smell of gasoline, I don't sniff it though because it's too expensive............aaahahahahahahaaaa : )

purplectigger said...

great entry. I agree with the clean house and not be the one who cleans, plus I love to cook, but seldom cook. I will admit tho, I have a calendars and it takes me 20 minutes to change all my clocks. For some reason I always need to know what time it is. I bet I'd be happier if I didn't always know what time it was.
Have a great day.

fuzzypanda68 said...

My family calls me a clean freak even though I hate cleaning, but I hate my house being dirty more. I hate cooking unless I'm cooking for a large group. I despise washing dishes. I enjoy a buzz from a joint, but I quit a long time ago. Never got into drinking Beer is nasty and liquor makes me mean.I like washing clothes but I hate putting the away. My favorite glass is a masons jar and I like drinking milk in it.


hestiahomeschool said...

I LOVED this!!! You need to do some more of these....did you ever read my 250  facts about me (more than you will ever want to know.)
Mandy used to train in an Okinawan Karatedo style.  It was very assertive and kick-ass.  
By injection---rofl

derasta said...

I love a clean house and thank God for my 2 daughters!

danielled1 said...

Nice journal :)