Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I was wondering, does a family qualify as a non-profit group?  Because there is absolutely no profit involved in my family or our income!  If you don't believe me just take a peek into my savings account... the balance is .01.  Seriously, I have one penny in my savings account.  I think the only reason the bank hasn't closed my account is because they've probably never had to deal with a one cent balance before.  With my luck they'll assess a service fee and I'll be over drawn.  As for being non-profit, I'm not looking for a hand out, just a tax exempt status would be nice.


ryanagi said...

Simple...start your own religion. Or create a foundation. All you need is a mission statement. There is a lot of paper work involved tho. LOL -B

aiibrat said...

Trip out.  $0.01...I agree with you...the bank will probably charge some silly service fee & then say you owe them money!!! -=)

mom23nca said...

The bank did that to me once.  We moved from NC to CA and I didn't close my savings account, it had > $5 in it, after 3 months I owed them $.  It took some time to close since we were far away.  What a PITA!