Monday, December 6, 2004

BRONCOS and the school dash.

Tis a sad day in Bronco Country.  They've all but lost their chances at the play-offs and the Super Bowl.  BUT its not over until its over, and IT AIN'T OVER YET!

My kids are running around getting ready for school right all, all except for Zack that is.  I woke him up 40 minutes ago, I opened his door, greeted him in my best 'GET UP!' mommy voice, and switched on the light.  I just checked on him... that boy had gotten up, switched the light OFF and climbed back into bed!  He now has exactly 13 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast and leave for school!  Now, if he were like ME as a teenager, he would have gotten dressed in his school clothes before he climbed into bed last night so's all he would have had to do was to get up, use the bathroom, brush the teeth and hair, grab some breakfast and run... 5 minutes tops!


samnsmile5 said...

Ohhh and what about those Cowboys???...not a good year.  :)
I might need to teach my oldest your trick of sleeping in your clothes.  It might help!

jcole16757 said...

We've done many a mad dashes around here.  I know exactly what you mean about sleeping in your clothes the night before, then just roll out of bed!  Just chalk it up to Monday, Ma!