Wednesday, December 1, 2004


I have decided to close my Mad Cashier Diary to eliminate the risk of being a suspected of misrepresenting the company I work for.  I have read stories of other journalists and bloggers being reprimended or even terminated by their company for writing about their on-the-job experiences... and I would rather not have to deal with that.  I will however move some of my entries (non-incriminating) over, so if you've already read them, I apologize for the repetition.  Dorn

Diary of a Mad Cashier, June 1, 2004:
I think the weirdest thing I've ever sold at my register was a hog's head.  It was special ordered for a customer and came wrapped in a clear plastic bag.  I grabbed it and laughed, telling the customer I had thought at first that it was a pig's head... and then about screamed because it WAS a pig's head.  Note to self: do not accept dinner invitation from that customer!

One day an old lady came through my express lane with only 3 items... Preparation H, K-Y jelly and a box of Trojans.  She had to have been at least 70!  I hope I still have a use for Trojans and KY when I'm 70. 

An obviously very pregnant young lady came in with her male friend, also purchasing condoms.  I smiled as I handed the bag with their purchase to the woman and offered this advice... "Actually its a little late for those honey!"  She hit me with the bag... but only because she knew me!  I still tease her about that one.

The saddest thing I see, and I see it often, is people who have to use oxygen purchasing cigarettes.  I know its a hard habit to break so I'll just leave it at that.


demandnlilchit said...

Does this mean if my immediate family reads my journal I might run the risk of being terminated as CEO of this family?? There are days I wish I was fired! lol

ladydriversammie said...

Oh crap, lol.  Disregard that email I sent you regarding an invite to the Mad Cashier Diary then, tee hee.  If I would have finished reading my alerts first I would have known not to send that.  :)


jcole16757 said...

Companies are cracking down on that kind of stuff.  Pretty funny stories!  

kimbellina1957 said...


mumma4evr said...

I just left my job at a women's clothing store.  We had a male customer who neded to be fitted for a bra and wanted to us to touch his to see if  his felt like ours.  No, we didn't feel

glopsblink said...

Yeah, I really wish I could talk about my job, I wouldn't even mention the company or anything, but I'm not allowed. I know I can't talk about private stuff like who my customers and co-workers are, nor obviously people's accounts and such, but I'd like to talk about what it's like to be a teller! Or at least my experiences with it.

Companies are so sensitive these days!

I like the one about the pregnant woman! LoL!!! Reminds me of the article you wrote about having your fifth child and during labor you were like, oh, guess it's too late for a condom!!!

I had one relative on oxygen who smoked (he's dead now, from emphazima) and I have an uncle with emphazima that still is a heavy smoker; he's on oxygen to, I think. I think people like that are idiots and that smoking should be outlawed. Just a personal rant on that one.

Thanks for the suggestions on the slippers, they seem to be the best option so far. They really are cute!!!


gramroni said...

I have tunnel vision...just learned you have more than one journal...LOL.
I have of course been peeping on them...amazing! Love the hunter journal and so many of those "open minded" comments! Sorry I missed the diary sounds like it was a hoot! Best wishes!

jbenjack said...

I've worked as a cashier before and it quite interesting what comes through! But you have a wonderful way of letting us get a chance to experience it again or for the first time! Too bad you are ending it! You have the best sense of humor! It is true gift to be able to view life as the parody it truly is!!!

aiibrat said...

i'm sorry to see this journal go.  i understand the why & think it's the best decision.  companies are weird about what kind of information is dispersed --- doesn't matter if it is good or bad.  

but, non incriminating entries...please let us read! it's often very riotous.  -=)

i don't comment as often as i should, but you have a natural humor that is very entertaining & sweet.

cneinhorn said...

I enjoyed stopping at that journal, but I totally understand your reasons...I just wrote about the fired Delta flight attendant....who kept a blog....and they found out and canned her...jerseygirl