Wednesday, December 15, 2004


My boys never really fought.... they were more like partners in crime.  Even now, when one of them is angry, its generally about something my husband or I said or made them do (or NOT do), or its because of their sisters.

Ah, yes, the sisters.... Rebecca and Rachel, two of the sweetest little girls, with two of the most explosive temperments I have ever encounted in a person less than 5 foot tall!  Actually Becca is probably about 5'1 now.  She and Rocky fight like Bush and Kerry... its exhausting having to step between them and break it up all the time.  Then, when I agree with one, suddenly I'm the bad guy and I find myself accused of loving the other sister more!

This morning I thought there was a break through, a hope for peace.  Rocky was wrapping a Christmas gift for her big sister.  It warmed my heart because usually I have to force her to do something nice for her sister, and here she was doing it on her own.  Then, silly me, I had to ruin the moment by asking what it was.

'A lump of coal!' Rocky proclaimed proudly, displaying a charcoal briquette.

'Rocky NO!' I scolded.  'You can't give your sister a lump of coal!'

'Fine, then I'll give her 3!' she said with impish innocence.

'Rocky, I give the coal out around here, now put that away!'

Oh my Lord, what have I ever done to deserve this?  Okay, don't answer that... just please have mercy on me... these little joys will be living with me for about 8 more years, just give me the strength to make it through.  And then send some really nice and really patient guys their way so they can get married, move out and have lots of little girls JUST LIKE THEMSELVES!


lacaza3 said...

I used to beat the crap out of my sister all the time why ????who knows she needed it:-)  I was a mean little shit plus my mom always put my sister first.....take care of your sister watch out for your sister  ..sister sister blah blah blah blah.....I'm 43 and my sister is 40 and just the other day out of my moms mouth was well she is your baby sister donna......I said shit mom she is a 40 year old grandmother she is only a baby in your eyes thats why she is still so immature because you baby I feel better now  :-)
I think I feel the need to go beat the crap out of her now  :-)

Donna In TEXAS

geminiwilder said...

oh, but they are such BEAUTIFUL little imps!!!  
sisters trying to hurt each other...sounds a lot like my childhood!  three girls, me in the middle!   AAAACK!!!!

purplectigger said...

Yep, girls do that. Boys always seem to team up. I wish for you a quick 8 years and paient boy friends.
Have a great day.

watermelaneat said...

Another Fave Entry spot to leave comments! Very well written and so funny. Enjoyed this from start to finish!

astaryth said...

Well, at least they Look like little angels <LOL>. I raised a boy, and my son had a son... I'm more used to dealing with males <bg>

missvincci said...

Hi Dorn,

I just wanted to say HI and hope you have a good holiday with your family!

I've started a little PINK THOUGHTS on my website.... go visit sometime...


xxlilfweak1231xx said...

of course you struck a nerve with me.....  with that "have some girls just like themselves" thing.  being that i have a lil girl right now- if i get aggravated at all- my mom always says  "she's just like you!!!"  i cannot imagine that i was that aggravating!!!! lol  hope you have a good one.....  ray  

goexgirl said...


ikoiko33 said...

My brothers never fought with each other, and I never fought with them. My sisters and I, however, had the most violent fights one can imagine (REALLY bad!). We were to blame for making my dad go totally grey, and causing my mom's anxiety attacks!! Whenever the day comes that I have kids, I am PRAYING that I do not have more than one girl ... I don't think that I could handle two!!