Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Check it out, only 360 more days until Christmas!  And I will be ready, yes sirree Bob!  I've already got some presents stuffed in corners.  The trick will be to remember where they are when December pulls around.

This morning while brushing my hair I decided to weed out some of the white hair I have.  After pulling about 20 strands out I decided to quit for fear of creating a bald patch.  After 44 years I may have to break down and color my hair.  I've never done it before and am so paranoid that my scalp and face will become colored as well.  Just removing the 20 strands that I did took years off of my appearance.  I wonder if shaving my arms and legs will make me look thinner.  Hey, this is Colorado, there's no need to shave in the winter time, and in fact the hair serves as an insulator!  But it does give a poofy appearance under my clothes.

For those who have inquired about my curry recipe, I will get the recipe out to you in a couple of days.  I cheat and use a pre-made curry paste for the base, but it takes a lot of prep time and is smelling pretty darn good right now!  Actually I'm in the process of babbling, I'm trying not to think about my son's departure in the morning.  Don't know why, this is so silly.  And I guess he's pretty certain about being stationed at Fort Hood for his first duty station.  Close enough for a visit, far enough so's not to be nagged on by mama.... yep, I see how it is!  My other sons are constantly rolling their eyes at me.  If they decide to join the military they will probably sneak off without telling me, and then ask to be stationed in Alaska or some far away place like that.  And heaven help their poor wives when ever they decide to settle down cos I will probably be the typical Mother in Law! 


astaryth said...

Coloring your hair is waaaay better than pulling out the gray ones <LOL>... I use one of the semi permanent ones that wash out in 6 weeks... That way you never get the 'skunk' look (that would be the stripe down the middle) it fades kind of naturally... The semi permanent is really easy and I do it myself. And since it isn't permanent you can experiment with different colors!<bg>

maxina3777 said...

Oh girl your barely 44, have some fun with your hair, it gets fun seeing what U look like with different colours. Did Ur son have any luck finding his baby's Momma? Well it's been on my mind an awful lot. I'm going to see my Navy Husband in Florida, my plane leaves tommarrow. I hate planes, i'm always afraid I'll get lost in the airport or miss my flight, or my son will act up or something. Yup, your funny, you make me laugh! I think I'll be the typicial mother in law too. This is my son, your either joing my family or else! But Ur not taking him away from me lol. Okay my son is only 2....

purplectigger said...

Only 360 more days? gee I better get started now. lol
I really do plan to get started early. Like you I'll probably forget where I put them.
Have a great day.

watermelaneat said...

Have fun on this eve before Gabe's leave is over...For this time anyway...When does he get anothe leave?

spurgins311 said...

Dorn...didn't you know that every time you pull out a gray hair TWO, yes TWO will come back in place of the one you pulled out! YIKES. That is what my Mom always told me, don't know if it's true. I color my hair to cover the gray because, honey, if I pulled all the gray out I would be BALD.

Hope you enjoyed the day with your son. :)   It is hard to let them go, isn't it?


g1itterkat said...

did u know women only have sons so that we can be mother in laws???
enjoy your time with him, leave will soon come around again, just like xmas!! go have some highlights in your hair girl!!
Jay xx

amy122389 said...

You....the typical mother in law?!  Not possible!  <g>

heartsingr said...

Hi, Dorn!  It's been awhile since I've been here.  Sorry about that.  I'll make it a New Years resolution to come more often.  About the grey hair.  My twin sis found one when she came to visit in October.  As she pulled it off my shirt, she said, "That's okay.  This one doesn't count because it wasn't attached to your head."  LOL