Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Last night I came home from work and found that Steve had taken it upon himself to do supper.  It was salad night!  I love salad!  We try to have a salad night about once a week.  I've been fortunate in the fact that all of my children enjoy their vegetables.  I had arrived home late so it was just Steve and Rebecca still at the table.  Rebecca was doing her homework while munching on a big bag of popcorn.

'Did you eat?' I asked her as I made my salad.  She just made an 'mmmmmhhhhmmmmm' sound without looking up from her book.  'A salad? Cos I KNOW that popcorn isn't your supper!'  This time she did look up and she gave me one of those looks that kids give their parents when they can't believe how stupid their parents are....

'Popcorn is corn, corn is a vegetable, salad is vegetables...  I'm eatting popcorn salad.'

Okay, I know when I've been beaten.  It took me a minute to shut my gaping mouth and then I just ate my salad in silence, trying to think of some intelligent remark that would support my belief that popcorn wasn't really a vegetables but for that I would have to wait until later to consult the internet.  My kids are not like me at all, they are better and worse than me at the same time... And for that I am afraid... I am VERY afraid!


astaryth said...

<LOL> Gotta Love it.... Popcorn Salad!!

purplectigger said...

OMG, sounds good tho. I like salad a lot . I also like popcorn. I think I'll have a popcorn salad for supper tonight. lol
Have a great day.

promiseluv372 said...

it's it odd how they get ya... Mine do it all the time.  Nothing I can say.  Of coarse I stand there looking like I'm not phased at all, then run into my room..with my mouth hanging open thinking when did they begin to outsmart me?

watermelaneat said...

Put salad dressing on it the next time you serve it! But do it soon so your daughter will get the joke & also still remember her response!

csandhollow said...

OMG I can now eat popcorn for lunch!

kimbellina1957 said...


glopsblink said...

Here's your defenses:

It's not salad until it's different types of popcorn tossed together with some kind of traditional salad dressing.

Popcorn is a snacking salad, not a dinner salad! Salad nights are for dinner salads like lettuce, carrots and cabbage with dressings, or EAT THIS NOW OR ELSE!!!

There's some ideas. Blessings. :)


PS: It helps to have been very tricky like her when I was younger. Of course, some people never grow up........... ;D

jackiebenice said...

hey lol...thats something i would say..but...... she did have you there...lol anyways. take care!! byes
~Jackie~ http://journals.aol.com/jackiebenice/blah/

cneinhorn said...

you are too funny.....I know that's an old line, but it's so true. you're the best Dorn! Happy

st0rmwhispers said...

ROFLMAO...I had popcorn salad for lunch today....

awen1122 said...

Oh that was too funny Dorn!!  Your kids crack me up!!  It's always funny to stump Mom, I used to try it all the time, but I was never that witty!  LOL!  Popcorn salad, ROLFMAO!  Too cute!  


jcole16757 said...

She has a point, doesn't she?  LOL

brandilynneliz said...

LOL, Brilliant (claps for your daughter)... you gots yourself a smart cookie there. I am a smart butt all the time to everyone I love... but never in my wildest dreams could I have come up with that one.