Tuesday, November 23, 2004

WOO HOO BRONCOS! and a new computer room?

 Okay, the Broncos have definately gotten their groove back.  They whooped New Orlean's butt 34 - 13 on Sunday.  I even got to watch some of it during my break.  My boss insists that I work on Sundays... I don't understand because he is a big time Broncos fan himself... but at least one of the managers kept me up to date with the score... that was cool.

I have had a slight reprieve in my eviction... I still have papers and junk strewn all over the computer room floor so Zack has not been able to move in just yet.  My computer is still in tact.  No folks, I am not typing in the bathroom.... yet!  I may have to clear off the vanity and set up shop there though... right next to the pocket yahtzee!  Hey, that wouldn't be so bad.  Sometimes the only time I get up from the computer is to use the bathroom.  But if I were already sitting on the toilet... I'd NEVER have to get up!  I can put the cpu under the counter, the printer on the towel shelf, set the monitor on the counter (its one of those skinny monitors with a flat screen) ... put a swivel seat on the toilet... oh the possibilities!
32 days until Christmas !


astaryth said...

I'm picturing you working on your computer seated on the throne in the bathroom <snicker>. Now, if you could just find a spot for the Bunn-O-Mattic.... <ROFL>

gramroni said...

What a clever idea! Nobody could contest you on being "queen" in your home, then lol.

jcole16757 said...

Definitely sounds like a great plan with convenience!

greyhoundloner03 said...

Oh Girl---nasty!!!!!  LMAOOOOOOOOO!

angieabk said...

Just checking it to say hi and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

I rarely have time to read journals anymore... or even write in my own it seems.  But, being a loyal fan of the dust bunny queen I had to at least stop in.

Glad to see that you're feeling good!

Have a great holidy.

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

32 days........ and no money in sight!!  go figure.  what can you do?  i hope that your turkey day goes great!!  go broncos!!!   have a good one! rachel

maozmon said...

oh man, I'm still working in the corner of the foyer to the 3rd floor, and have been informed my new <sniffle> room will be used for storage for now, WAAAA!!! ~Mary Anne~

amy122389 said...

Ya know...if you just took the front off the medicine cabinet, the monitor could fit in there...and with a little demo work, you could install a slider for the keyboard....<g>

gizmosmom321 said...

just wanted to wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family and day.
Leigh aka coffeeaholic