Tuesday, November 2, 2004


FEELING:  angry and totally decaffeinated!

My husband woke me up this morning to ask if it was okay if he took the coffee maker in to work for the rest of the week.  Thinking he meant the monstrocity of an urn that we put the apple cider in for our trick-or-treaters I sleepily said yes.  Then the question became clear through the fog in my mind.  He wanted to take my Bunn-o-matic Pour-o-matic to work.  He wanted to take it away from me.  He's nuts!  He's CRAZY!  And I told him so.  I don't care if the coffee maker at work sucks.  Thats not my problem. 

The last thing I wanted to hear when I got out of bed was 'where's the coffee maker?'.  The Bunn-o-matic was GONE!  Let the battle begin.  Oh, you can bet I called Dickidoo.  "You said no?  I didn't hear you." he said.  Now I know he's crazy!  And he has a death wish!  He says he'll take me to Starbucks to make up for it.  Okay, thats not even REAL coffee.  And what about this morning?  There's snow on the ground outside... I NEED MY COFFEE!  'Use the instant coffee' he says.  Ooooooooohhhhhhh buddy!  He better have a Starbucks in his hand when he walks through that door this evening.  And my Bunn-o-matic Pour-o-matic!

Thats not a picture of MY Bunn-o-matic, I would never have decaf on mine.  I'd take a picture of my wonderful Bunn-o-matic Pour-o-matic, but unfortunately someone has absconded with it!

Add on:  Rocky is sick for the 2nd day in a row.  Yesterday I fussed at her to go to school and it wasn't until she started crying that I realized she was really sick.  I left her with Becca who was also not feeling well and went to work, feeling like a bad mother.  I got off at lunch time and the boss let me stay with the girls.  Becca probably should have stayed home today as well, but she hates missing school.  Its 16 degrees outside.  I hope this doesn't make her sicker.  I'm staying home with Rocky, they already know at work.  I hate missing work so they know its the last resort when I call in.  I guess I could catch up on the dishes.... ugh... You know, cows have it made.  They just graze on the lawn and drink from a trough.  No dishes to clean up.  Next time someone calls me a heifer I think I'll take it as a compliment.  Oh, to be a cow!


cltaylor2 said...

I think I would beat the tar out of my husband if he took my coffee pot.  I can't start my day without it.  Not only would I have a headache to contend with but two small boys bouncing off the walls all day taunting me their amount of excess energy, mocking me for haveing none without my coffee.  Nope I couldn't do it.  Well I hope you get your coffee.

cneinhorn said...

sheesh!  he should promptly go out and buy you a new one.  the latest model too!  hope your little one feels better soon!

auntiedubby said...

Over my dead body any man would take my Bunn-o-Matic!! As for being called a heifer, it better be ONLY by some stud who's gonna keep my trough filled, and hire a milk maid to clean after me.

Now have a nice day Dear!

mzgoochi said...

dickidoo likes living dangerously huh? heh heh

YAY! you put your pic back up! WTG Dorn!

purplectigger said...

There would be all out war here if someone took my coffee maker. If I don't have my coffee before I go to work, no one wants to be around me. I hope he made up for taking it.
Have a great day.

levi1023 said...

It's called "Husband selective hearing", they all have it! lol Hope the girls get better soon! 16 degrees! Holy moses! It was 65 today, weird as heck for Novemeber here.

stinckerbelle said...


mom23nca said...

For some reason I missed this entry a few days ago, but I'm surprised your DH is still alive if he took the coffee maker out of the house.  HOW DARE HE!!!  
Hope the girls feel better soon.