Monday, November 8, 2004

THE AFTERMATH OF THE ELECTION, Xmas shopping and MY space

My phone has been oddly silent lately.  Now that the elections are over it seems nobody ever calls any more.  I don't expect to hear from the Kerry camp being as I didn't vote for them, but after receiving at least 5 calls from Laura Bush herself I though that I meant something to her... And when I voted for Bush... and he won... I thought a little personal thank-you was in order.  Instead I got a one-size-fits-all Special News Bulletin type thank-you.  They didn't even mention my name.  How rude!

I did some Christmas shopping after work.  Its going to be a small Christmas as far as gifts go since we're going to be spending a good portion of our Christmas budget driving over to be with Gabe when he graduates from boot camp (or what ever they call it when they complete their basic training), then after we bring him home for a week we're going to fly him back to continue his training.  We've already explained this to the kids and they're okay with it.  They just want to see their brother again.  Awww!  Sometimes they can be so sweet!  Not all the time, in fact hardly ever... but sometimes.... yeah!

Now that I've showed my desk off... I get to be relocated to where abouts unknown.  The kids are finally kicking me out of 'the room previously known as my computer room', and they are taking it over.  They will now each have their own room.  I have to share with Dickidoo, which is okay because we've been sharing for 20+ years now... but my computer room was my sanctuary, I could lock the door and have peace and quiet.  I could set my stuff down and it would still be there if I went out of the room for a couple of hours.  Now the only place I can go for a little solitude is the bathroom, and they still bother me when I'm in there!  This is just not going to work... I need a 'ME' place...  Darn it, even AOL gives me 'MY SPACE', is it asking too much to have a little place to call all my own in my own house?  No Dickidoo... the kitchen and laundry room don't count! 



lacaza3 said...

Girl you need a laptop. Ever since we got one in july I hardly ever use the desktop.  I can use my laptop least anywhere there is a phone jack  we dont have wirless but if we did that would be even greater.  The laptop goes anywhere I sometimes lay on the bed type in the kitchen, living room  heck you could even type on the toliet afte one of those burrito explosions Ha!!  second thought eewwweee! :-)

bigalsbaby03 said...

LOL, don't feel so bad Dorn, I wish my comp was in a more "quiet" place but unfourtunatly the space in the condo doesn't require me to have that luxury. Soon hopefully I will if we ever get out of here. But untill then, my online excursions are left to be done in the evenings when the girls go to bed. Why? because the comp is in the living room. ....It's a good thing I suppose though, at least I can watch what the girls are doing when they are online. You know what trouble they can get into!


dklars said...

"My Space."  What a concept!  What's it like??  Hehehe

awen1122 said...

Ya know, I had this whole thing written out here and somehow I accidently deleted it!  UGh!!!  Get a laptop Dorn! You will love it, you can tote it anywhere!  LOL!!  And those dustbunnies are in the mail!!  ;)  They were much happier when I told them I would let them live and I was sending them to a dustbunny ranch far away with a woman who raises dustbunnies!  Hehehehe!


jcole16757 said...

There is no such thing as "my space" when you have children. lol

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

Arnold called on the 2nd to remind us to vote for the correct person.....  but he didn't call us by name either.....  :)  lol
as far as them taking your room....  MAKE A NEW RULE!!!!  You may only use THIS room....  if you plan on using one of the other's (kitchen for dishes or laundry room for... well, take a guess)......  then they would never be in your computer room.... OR things would get done...  *in a perfect world anyway*

angieabk said...

I miss SOOOO much when I don't check in every day.  YOU my dear have had a hectic week haven't you?  Glad the bunn-o-matic back.  Don't understand the coffee obsession though.... of course if anyone evEN CONSIDERED TAKING MY DIET COKE SUPPLY THEY"D PROBABLY DIe... but, the coffee thing I don't understand.

Glad also that you heard from Gabe. !

Have a great week!!!