Tuesday, November 2, 2004


I voted today.  First of all I walked in and the room was divided up into precincts.  I had to find my precinct in order to get my ballot.... huh?  I thought precincts were for cops and robbers, not voters.  And there was no master listing to tell me which precinct I was registered in so I had to go from table to table asking 'Am I in your precinct?'.  The folks on the other side of the table snickered and whispered 'republican' under their breath.

I finally found my precinct and took my ballot to the booth.  Wow, what happened to the nice curtained cubicals I voted in during the last election?  This one was like a rubbermaid tub turned up on end ontop of legs that swayed with every breath I took.  The whole line of booths shook like a row of tenements during an earthquake as the voters filled in the little ovals with their magic markers.  No pregnant chads here!

I opened the ballot and just stared.  I had no idea what half of it said.  I should have brought Zack along as an interpreter.  Hello?  Excuse me, may I please have the English ballot?  Hmmmmm....should we keep the current circuit court judges?  Well, I suppose since none of them have thrown me in jail yet they're okay... I hope.  How do you vote for a judge?  Actually I think I was supposed to vote whether they can retain their appointment as judges or something like that.  Did they have to campaign?  There's something really weird about that.  I guess I never paid much attention to how judges got to be, but if we voted to keep them in or kick them out... whats to keep them from becoming biased to gain votes?

So anyhow, I cast my ballot and walked out more confused than satisfied.  When it is all said and done, I only hope that the results prove to be the best for the country and our future, whether or not it is my candidate that wins.  Time will tell. I predict that there will be some conflict and this election will drag on.  I do not think I can stomach another comedy of errors like in 2000, I hope that the candidates will be man enough to accept the voice of the people they claim to serve. This is one instance when I would be happy to be wrong, but I have had such a bad feeling about this election right from the start.  Its not too late for those shock-collars.

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hestiahomeschool said...

I still wish I could have voted for you for President. You have more sense and balls than both of the candidates put together

awen1122 said...

It went rather smoothly, luckily!  I had the same feelings you did.  But I am a democrat and I am rather proud of Kerry for being a bigger man and conceding when the race was SO TIGHT!  At least its over for 4 more years...LOL!


lindamnchkn said...

What a pleasure to read your journal.  Finally a little levity in this election! I"m glad to see our man won ! lindamnchkin