Sunday, November 7, 2004



I tested this little guy out on the Bloggers Anon. journal.  He's sooooo cute I'm actually trying to think of different ways to use him!

Gabe called today.  He received all of the letters that were sent with the wrong zip code.  I'm so glad, it really broke my heart to think that he was there feeling so miserable because he thought we didn't care.  Actually he knew we were writing and figured the mail was running a little slow.  I didn't get to talk to him, my husband did, but he says Gabe sounded real good, and different, but in a good way.  I guess he had some problems with the obstacle course in the beginning but he went back out and 'tore it up'.... I believe that also is a good thing.  I'm just glad that he's gotten into the swing of things.  He's still disturbed by the soldier without the bootlaces.  I just hope his past experiences will help him to be compassionate when needed.

Carne asada burrito... mmmmmmmm!  I stuck my face in the bag and breathed it in all the way home from Albertacos this evening.  Isn't it funny how great some things smell before you eat it, and as you eat it... but smell soooo bad AFTER you eat it?

Dust bunny by:   Cody's Animation Station : Computers


astaryth said...

Dust Bunny is adorable. I went to the site, but I wasn't sure, are the graphics o.k. to take as long as you mention where you got them??

Good to hear Gabe is doing well also. I remember when my brothers oldest was going thru basic last year. It is a good experience for them in the long run, but sometimes dificult at the time.

glopsblink said...

You know, if you want your little bunny friend with you forever and ever, you could just put him at the very bottom of your about me, I think it'd be cute.

Just a thought.

Blessings. :)

lacaza3 said...

Yes things do smell better before we eat them...I thought about you yesterday....when I was suffering through my head and stomach virus...
I was having sympathy pains HA!
I had spent most of sunday morning on the throne with my stomach virus.  I started to feel better so hubby said ok lets go to church and off we went.  Big mistake made it half way there and caplootie yes I thought it was just gas.  We had to turn around and come home. The boys thought mom was stinking and awesome at the same time:-)  All the way home I thought now dustbunnie lady would write about this and makes us laugh our buts off.... me I'd just sound gross telling it. You make me laugh thanks for that girlfriend.  Gabe is in our prayers.

Donna In Texas

sdoscher458 said...

I'm in love with your dust bunny!  You find the neatest things, between you and Lahoma you keep me in stiches....Sandi