Sunday, November 14, 2004


We took the kids to see the Austrailian Pink Floyd Show at the World Arena in Colo. Springs.  It was their very first Rock Concert and they had a blast!  It was so fun to see my little guys bee-bopping to the music, singing along with all of the old rockers like my husband and myself.  Rocky was up on the chair dancing, and Becca, Art and Zack will probably be hoarse today.  Well, me too, but that might not be a bad thing!

The guys sitting right in front of us started smoking pot early into the concert and that just made me mad!  It was an indoor concert where smoking of ANY kind was not permitted.  Why couldn't they have smoked BEFORE the concert started?  But no, they had to go and do it right in front of my kids.  I was going to report them to the arena officials, but Steve just reached over and grabbed the guy by the shoulder and said "Hey man, don't do that again".  I don't doubt that the guy is wearing a huge bruise on his shoulder today.  At any rate, they didn't light up again.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some goody-two-shoes or anything, but my kids were there!  I couldn't let them think that I thought it was acceptable for these guys to do drugs like that infront of them.

I'm not looking forward to the drive to work.  I have to use the Pontiac.  I've never driven on ice in it before.  Hopefully I'll have green lights all the way down the hill and won't have to try to brake or anything.  Big Red was awesome on the snow and ice.... she NEVER let me down.  I miss her.... I want Big Red!
40 days until Christmas!


demandnlilchit said...

I would of had a problem with the lil party taking place in front of my younger kids too. I know when my older kids and their friends are around I have to constantly monitor  even the conversations taking place in front of my younger two, I don't want any kind of partying glorified in front of the younger children.

astaryth said...

It's been a while since I've been to a concert. While we were on the road, we would come into the arena and they would be advertising the coolest concerts (either from the weekend before, or for the weekend after--cause we were using the arena that week <LOL>) Since we've been home... well, one salary and more bills <sigh>.

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time though.. and that's a concert I would enjoy also!

lacaza3 said...

I'm glad your husband did that !!!!Hell your right that could of been done on there way to the concert. GEE whiz
Donna in Texas

dklars said...

   Funny you should write about people smoking pot at a concert.  My oldest son (20) and I were talking about that very subject last night.  I was telling him at the last Scorpions concert we went to (We are going again next weekend!) the people on both sides of us were smoking pot.  They could get away with it because it's an outdoor arena.  My son said at the Megadeth show a few weekends ago there were a few people smoking pot.  It was risky there, as it was an "initimate venue" where people are seated at tables, and there are only 80 tables.  There is supposed to be no smoking in the venue.  My son said everyone could see the smoke coming from the two or three tables. Why didn't management do something about that?  I don't get it  

csandhollow said...

Good for Steve!

dingoatemybaby02 said...

uhh i hate smoking. people should not do that in front of children especially. good for steve. i don't like it when people see something that bothers them a lot, then do nothing about it so im proud of you 2 for saying something!

cneinhorn said...

I"m glad your hubby did that!  What a great concert to bring your kids to!  I just realized the first concert I brought my daughter to was Red Hot Chili Peppers in Denver Colorado!  We flew there to see them and stayed in a hotel, it was all very exciting for her, and the show was great!  Loved our visit to Colorado and hope to go back someday :-)

krazykathy23 said...

I love your journal, I have been a lurker for about 5 months now! I just wanted to tell you that I think its great that your husband said something. I was at a Metallica concert last night and EVERY person around me was smoking pot INCLUDING a few teenagers. (that made me feel real old... and I'm only 26!) I am no innocent angel myself, but the air was so think in there that I walked out with the biggest contact high of my life! I couldn't believe those teenagers were smoking pot... they looked like 12 year old babies!
Anyhow I love your journal and have found myself laughing right along with what you say. Keep up the excellent blog work! And.. um... remember to tell the kids to just say no. =)


goexgirl said...


mysteryal055 said...

Hey I am far from a prude and I don't smoke either, but Pink Floyd, Megadeath, Metallica concerts? I mean what do you people think their fans are Middle age Moms and Dads taking their kids out for some wholesome fun? I had to laugh, I mean yeah you all have a right and everything but why does someone who has a kid at an event way past their bedtime have THE superior right? Had they all been smoking cigarettes would Your husband Mcgruff Crimedog been ragging on them as well? If the kids want to Be Bopp to the music in a wholesome environment maybe the cd is a better choice.