Wednesday, November 24, 2004

THIS, THAT and the other thing.

New Mexico finally declared Bush as the winner in its election this week....  They promised in 2000 to make reforms to speed up and improve the process.  They succeeded... in 2000 it took a month to tally the votes.  This year it only took them 3 weeks.

A federal judge denied a recount petition submitted by Green Party presidential candidates Cobb and Badnarik to recount the Ohio votes.  The duo had received an unofficial count of .026 percent.  I don't get it.... WHY?!  Did they really think they would uncover the 270 electorial votes to win?

There is a petition going to get the natural born citizen requirement for presidency amended so that Governor Swartzenegger can run for office in the future.  I think he stands a better chance of running for Miss America, but hey, I'm not putting money against either!  I just don't think its right. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  But today I was thankful.... thankful that I didn't have to go home to all those grumpy last minute shoppers who were so upset about the long wait in the long lines, as if they felt they and they alone were allowed to procrastinate over buying the ingredients for the big dinner that they have had a year to prepare for.  Hello people!  Thanksgiving comes once a year, every year, and at the same time every year!  You are not the only person in the country who celebrates the holiday, and obviously you are not the only person who waits until the last fricken minute to buy your stuff... so get over it!  You snooze, you loose!  Good grief!  All that fussing and cussing kind of takes the sincerity out of the occasion.  Just be thankful you can even afford a dinner and have family and friends to share it with... don't take it out on the folks working at the store you chose to shop at along with all the other last minute shoppers.  Yep.... I sure am glad I didn't have to go home to those grumps!  I got hugs and kisses when I finally walked in the house.  And for that I was sincerely thankful!


astaryth said...

I usually avoid the grocery store the day before a holiday, but discovered I was out of brown sugar... can't make candied yams without brown sugar! So, fearfully I ventured forth.. and found people actually in a pretty good mood and it wasn't as crowded as I expected. Only one person ahead of me in line... Whewwww...Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

purplectigger said...

I agree with you. It's not like they put thanksgiving on a different day every year. I had a bunch of grumpy ones tonight. They were griping about walmart and several were griping about the grocrie story. How dumb is that . They should have went a week ago.
Have a great day.

mom23nca said...

Have a wonderful day at home with your family.  I am just guessing there will be quite a bit of laughing going on.

aquarinan said...

        Actually, the mainstream media misled people on this story, but that's become typical these days of Bush + Co.  They haven't reported the numerous legal actions, protests, and growing campaign for a National Recount Audit, except to laugh at those who want every vote counted- military! absentee, provisional...

A Congressional investigation into voting irregularities and voter disenfranchisement is now being conducted by the GAO, at the urging of 14 or more Members of the House of Representatives.

( Reps received over 30,000 complaints  on Election Day Fraud, and huge #'s of e-mails from people- on the bizarre anomalies and 'glitches,' in so many counties,  especially in swing-states, with electronic  machines, and  in 'minority' neighborhoods.   Our government is speaking out on voter fraud in the Ukraine, when we just experienced a stolen election right here!)

     There IS a Recount going on in Ohio right now. The Judge only refused to allow them to start the Recount before the Ohio Sec'y of State (and Bush Campaign Manager) certifies the vote count.  Deadlines are involved, and he's stalling.  Cobb and Badnarik did it because only a candidate can, and Kerry wouldn't!   (Nader was busy calling for one in another state.  Lots of those Red States were very close.)  

    Apparently the Dems are intimidated by name-calling Republicans (sore loser,
conspiracy nuts, etc.  NOT true.)  So the answer to WHY?! is :

On behalf of at least 20% of US citizens who believe the election was stolen, and have found evidence...
and this is still supposed to be a democracy.

    Sorry to go on so long...For details, some really strange,
go to:  (for an intro and links to everything).
Other sites:,  vot