Monday, November 29, 2004


        Broncos slipped on the snow... 25-24 Raiders!  Whaaaaaaa!  This was the game we were planning on going to but opted out when we started planning for a trip to Kentucky to pick up Gabe.  We don't have to drive to Kentucky after all being as Gabe will be flying back here... but I sure am glad I was in my nice warm den watching the game instead of being out there in the cold.  I suppose it would have been different had they won... but as it turned out I was happy just be be able to watch the game for a change.

Somebody called me a redneck.  They were trying to get back at me because of my choice of candidate for the presidential election.  I couldn't even pretend to be offended.  I was then accused of being too dumb to realize that I was being insulted.  I'm sorry, but that was about as insulting to me as calling a ball round!  It was kind of funny though.  I always refer to myself as a redneck and a hillbilly, but I've never been called one to my face.

And speaking of rednecks... hey Dickidoo... farting is NOT considered a prelude to sex!  Nowhere in any book, not even the Redneck's guide to Sex... does it say that butt-gas is a turn on... it is NOT!  It is NOT foreplay!  So don't even try to get some when the scent is still hanging over the bed.  Some things just can't be done while holding your breath!  I remember farting once... I couldn't help it, it was actually Dickidoo's fault, he knocked it out of me.  That was it, I was too humiliated to go on.  And him?  I don't think he even noticed!  Maybe he did... hmmmm, maybe I was wrong.  Maybe it IS a turn-on! 


gramroni said...

Game loss, insults, and air violations! Lord, girl, aren't you glad it's MONDAY! LOL!

astaryth said...

<snicker> Entries like this are why yours is one of my favorite journals. Thank you for my Monday morning laugh.

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

when in doubt....  go to dorn's journal!!  the poor poor bronco's......  my poor lynch!!    as far as being a redneck....  who knows??  i mean...  i do things sometimes that would probably warrant being a redneck  -  but then again... sometimes i think that other's do things that are "redneck" and they think it is normal. i would rather say i have redneck tendencies!! lol   have a good one!!! ray
p.s.  i am going to leave the sexfarting alone....   because i cant stop laughing yet.

levi1023 said...

Here in WV, it is an honor to be called a Redneck, by many! So much alot of trucks here bears the stickers, Proud to be a redneck! I don't consider myself a real redneck, just homegrown, with roots to the core of these hills. lol~

greyhoundloner03 said...

You handled it just fine, but if ever you don't feel like it, just send em' on down to sc, I'll show em' redneck!  heheee