Tuesday, November 9, 2004

THEN AND NOW.... indications that I'm all growd up!

This picture was taken in 1973.  Thats me in the top right corner.  I was going on 13 at the time.  My siblings didn't like me then.  My oldest sister learned to swear because of me.  My sisters say I was a brat.  My brother and I were best friends.  But that was then and this is now.  I've finally grown up (and out), and I know they are all pleased with the transformation.

I used to splash in puddles... I couldn't pass one without jumping into the deepest part of it, trying to splash as many people as I could.  Now... I drive through puddles.  I'll even swerve to hit one.  And if there is someone walking near by, all the better!

When I was 13, if I saw an apple on the road I'd pick it up and throw it as far as I could.  Well, I'm 44 and I still can't throw worth a lick... so... I swerve the car and run them over!

When I was a kid I used to bring home every stray animal that had the misfortune to cross my path.  My mom almost always let me keep them for at least a little while.  Today I 'adopt' animals for the kids... it teaches them responsibility... I get to play with the critter, they clean up its poop!

As a child I would swallow food that I didn't like without chewing it.  As an adult I don't cook food I don't like.  My kids have only had liver once, and it was at a restaurant.  They may never have it again... unless they go to another restaurant.

As a school girl I always excused myself and went to the bathroom to release vapors.  Now days I just blast away where ever I am... except for the dinner table.  My children are in awe with me because they believe that 'mommies don't fart', I just have really bad smelling burps!


beckieramos said...

Aww! Cute! You sounded like a great kid! Hope your kids are doing well. I am praying for your son. God bless, Beckie

kimbellina1957 said...

3 WORDS, WHAT.....A........TRIP.....!! LOL!

lacaza3 said...

aahhwww your so cute  big family. my husband is the 10 kid of 11.
Dona in Texas

purplectigger said...

Great entry , thanks for sharing. You are a hoot.
Have a great day.

jcole16757 said...

You mention puddles...I love puddles!  LOL Great entry!

astaryth said...

LOL! Thanks for the entry Dorn... You and I would have been great friends as kids...getting in trouble! You always make me laugh! I love that you've added the dustbunnies to your about Me by the way!

awen1122 said...

2 weeks ago JD and I played in puddles for an hour, it was actually a fairly warm night and it poured down rain.  One puddle on the side of the road was almost knee deep, we were soaked.  If you didn't live so far away I would have sworn it was you that swerved to get us more soaked while we were walking home...LOL!!  Dorn, you CRACK ME UP!!  MUAH!!


sdoscher458 said...

Isn't great to be an adult and still remember what we did as kids? Some people cannot remember the "inner Child"...those poor people! Love the permanent addition of your dust bunny....Sandi