Sunday, December 24, 2006


I saw Santa yesterday and gave him a big hug.  Then, because I had known him for so many years, I stepped back and scolded him.

'You are costing me a whole bunch of money buddy.'

Customers passing by gasped in disbelief, shocked that anyone would dare to speak to the jolly old soul in such a manner.

'Every year I blow my paychecks to get the Oompas something nice, and you get all the credit for it,' I continued.

'I'm sorry, but that's what they wanted in their letters to me,' the rosy cheeked elf shrugged apologetically.

'Yeah, well I'll bet they said they were good too, but guess what?  THEY LIED!'

Santa's merry 'Ho Ho Ho!' followed me as I hurried out of the Super Center with the last of his gifts for the Oompas.  (by the way, Santa's real name is John and he works in the Toy Department when he's not listening to children lie about how good they've been... )

The youngest Oompa is 12 now and knows the truth.  She doesn't mind and she helped the others wrap the gifts, forging Santa's signature on the tags.  I appreciate the help, but reluctantly I must accept the fact that there will be no plate of cookies left out for Santa this year in a last minute attempt to distract from past indiscretions and no carrots left on the front porch for his reindeer.  Sadly I think I will miss the magic of Christmas more than the Oompas will.

Oh well, there is still the Grand-Oompa!


jckfrstross said...

I agree when they learn the truth the magic kinda goes but i have told my kids 22 & 20 you quit believing and he quits bring presents. lol Wishing all of you in Colorado Springs a Very Merry Christmas:)


lazarai said...

OMG, Dorn, I am soooo with you!!! My youngest is 14 and there's no more "magic" here. The girls are still excited to see what their gifts will be, but this holiday is just not the same without wee ones. :(

Enjoy your Christmas!!
:) Carol

leakylexion said...

oh well Dorn. Santa is loved for the Ho Ho Hos and the jolliness. So keep that going and who'll get the credit? I see you got your tree. Hoorah! at least it's a merry christmas!

deshelestraci said...

With two under 6, the magic is alive and well here!  They were so cute last night as I tucked them into bed.  They were soo tired but were still shivery with excitement for what was to come!  Hey, they even let us sleep until 7am!

princesssaurora said...

Yes.... it is hard.  My little one is 9 and still believing this year... but I don't know about next!  She had arguements with some of the little trolls this year at her school who told her she was dumb to believe!  ugh...

be well,

glensfork4 said...

Our "Santa" is gone also, Bobbi says she believes still, but really knows-which I think hurts me more than her. No excitement!!
Merry Christmas Jody, Dickidoo, and to the Oompas!

promiseluv372 said...

I don't wanna know that feeling.  (no Santa) although I was almost tempted to tell my younger ones there wasn't one due to money problems SAD!!  

Although mom give the kids the "crap" presents ... clothes etc. and Santa give them the best stuff.  However, my little ones were so happy with the clothes LOL Funny huh?  

I am still waiting of Santa to answer my letter so if you see him next year tell him Promise has a bone to pick with him! LOL


hestiahomeschool said...

Shelby believes, hook line and sinker. ...everyone was blackmailing the poor kid with it, too....the big girls used it to manipulate her shamelessly..

ceilisundancer said...

My daughter is 12.5 and didn't let me know until this year that she knows.   She HAS known, but played along, including adding a "Santa" gift of her own one year for me, thinking I wasn't awake.   This year, we still put out a plate, some eggnog, and peppermints for the reindeer (out of carrots).   They grow older one step at a time.   They're still you're wonderful loving family, and I like seeing a photo of them!   -- Robin