Tuesday, December 5, 2006

THE OTHER ROCKY, hair and grandbabies.

Guess what?  Have you heard?  There is a new 'Rocky' movie.  Rocky Balboa is back!  I'm not a big boxing fan (although I will watch a match with Dickidoo every now and then), and I never thought Sylvester Stallone was much of an actor, but I love the Rocky series and have watched them all over and over again.  Rumor has it that there is a sixth installation due out this month... yay!  Do you know what I would do if I were to ever meet the great Sly Stallone?  I'd ask him to do that one line from the movie... 'Adrianne', except I would ask him to say 'Dornbrau...!', just like that.  Uh huh, I'd like that a lot!  There's just something about his voice that makes me all weak in the knees.  I still remember how badly I wished my name was Adrienne after I saw that movie for the first time.

I'm a bad mom.  I rode around all day with Zack last week... all day... and didn't even notice until he mentioned his hairy chiney chin-chin that he had finally shaved his goatee off.  Poor guy, nobody else in the family noticed either.  Dickidoo didn't even notice until I pointed it out the following day.  I have to say I like the smooth shaven look much better.  I still don't know how I missed it.

Art has finally cut his hair.  The initial haircut was poorly done so our neighbor, who works at a salon at the mall, fixed it up for him, and now he really looks ...errrrrrrr..... I want to say 'cute', but I can think of at least one teenaged boy who does not want to look cute... so I'll settle for 'cool'.  Art's new hair style makes him look cool!  And yes, the 12 inches that was cut off is going to Locks For Love. 

I can't believe it but I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.  And I've done something really kookie.  I know that Little Zachary's half sister Summer isn't my grandbaby, but I bought her some presents.  And of course I had to buy  his cousin and partner in crime, a gift because those two little guys are like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, catsup and mustard, coffee and hazelnut creamer... they just belong together.  And if I got his cousin a gift then I'd have to get his brand new baby cousin a gift as well.  I'm like a calabash step-grandmother-outlaw or something, and its FUN! 

Happy Birthday Little Zachary.  I wish I was there to watch you blow out your birthday candles.  The mailman should be bringing you a surprise.  Love you always~  Granny


deslily said...

OMG! 12 inches off of Arts hair?? After seeing so many pictures of your kids I can't imagine ANY with short hair!!! (shortish?) whatever.  When do we get to see a pic? huh?huh?huh?

I'm not a Sly fan either, but I met his brother once, who looks alot like him only a bit cuter. Frank.  Not sure I can picture Sly doing another Rocky movie.  Saw him not long ago on a talk show.. he's not a "kid" anymore lol.

Awww, I wish you could have little Zach for christmas.

missheathyrmaree said...

Awww! I wanna see pics!

Happy Birthday little man!  
(I hope his momma sends you pics so we can see!)

As for Rocky--I haven't seen ANY of them so I don't think I'll plan on starting now! ha ha.

princesssaurora said...

That's how we are in our family, inlaws - outlaws, doesn't matter everyone is part of it!  

Happy bday Baby Zack!

be well,

mzgoochi said...

Rocky's new movie is the buzz around here. Cameron and Robert love him.

12 inches? WOW!! I barely have an inch on my head. Well, maybe two. :)

midwestvintage said...

 What are they going to call the new movie, Rocking Rocky because surely they aren't going to have him fight?  Horrors.


glensfork4 said...

OH NO, he is just toooooo old for all that! Loved him the early days, don't get me wrong he is still handsome in his own right, but oh my! OK-so where are the haircut pictures Jody? I have done that w/my husband-he'll shave and he will have to point it out. Happy B-day Zack!