Saturday, December 9, 2006


Yesterday evening Art suddenly sat up straight in his seat and said 'You forgot Jack Nicholas Day.'

'I forgot who day?'  I had no idea what he was talking about.

'Jack Nicholas.'

'Do you mean Jack Nicholson?' I suggested

'Yeah, you forgot Jack Nicholson Day.'

'Huh?' Now I was really confused.

'You forgot last year and you forgot again this year.' he scolded.

'I'm lost, what is Jack Nicholson Day?'

'Isn't he the guy who played The Joker in Batman?' Zack joined in.

'Yeah...' I confirmed, excited that we were finally getting somewhere.

'No, that guy with the candy in the radioactive fungi shoes...' Art corrected.

And then it dawned on me... Saint Nicholai Day!  I had forgotten Saint Nicholai Day for the third year in a row. 

We learned of the little tradition while in Ansbach, Germany.  The children set out their shoes on the eve of December 6th, and later Saint Nicholai comes through while the children are fast asleep and fills the shoes with candies and other treats.  Our German neighbors spoiled the boys while we were there and I carried on the tradition even after returning to the states.  Now here we are, years later... and my teenagers are still expecting for their shoes to be filled with candy on December 6th.

Just at that moment Becca came out of the bathroom with a look of accusation on her face.

'Hey, I just remembered that you forgot Jack Nicholas Day!' she accused.

Personally I think the Oompas are goofy.  I've smelled their shoes and I for onewould never be so desperate as to eat anything that had been inside of them!  But since it means that much to them, we will celebrate Jack Nicholson Day this year, late as usual... stinky shoes and all.


jckfrstross said...

what a great holiday stinky shoes and all:)


jeadie05 said...

Your family sound crazy ,what fun!  Jack Nicholson day ,he he he Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

You're all mad! Lol! You really wouldn't want to eat out of my son's shoes! Ugh! I hope you had a happy Jack Nicholson! Jeannette xx

swmpgrly said...

your in the twilight

midwestvintage said...

  Oh Yummy smelly candy, this diet addict would eat it LOL.  Have fun.


thisismis72 said...

The other day I was picking up my daughter from school and a couple of teachers were filling a bunch of shoes with ornaments, I have never heard of this before now it makes sense what the teachers were doing, thats probly why the SHHH'd me and my child when we were walking thru.  Thanks for sharing this and adding a little more insight to my day.

gifdude said...

Ahhh..Ansbach. I miss that town!


deslily said...

gee, why do i think if they put chocolate in your shoe you'd still eat it?? heh..

promiseluv372 said...

LOL I love it! I wouldn't go near my son's shoes long enough to put oder eaters in them.. let alone candy!
Jack Nicholson day LMAO That's great.. before I read farther down I was thinking what does a person do on Jack Nicholson day?  Oh how my mind works you wouldn't want to know what crossed it!


deshelestraci said...

That's pretty funny~Jack Nicholas day.  Hee!

mumma4evr said...

LOL.....silly Oompas!!!!

princesssaurora said...

Happy St Nicholai Day to one and all of the Oompas!

lol  My kids would eat it too!

be well,

glensfork4 said...

Growing up I had a friend whose family did that. Her mom would always-"give" us a shoe....Yeah, we ate it.

hestiahomeschool said...

We call it Saint Nick's around here and almost everyone celebrates it since Cincinnati was settled by Germans. We use stockings, though, not stinky shoes...