Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SNOW DAY? Where!? (edited)

Dickidoo woke me at 5:30 this morning to ask me to make the coffee.  'Make it yourself, I'm sleeping in!' I told him, peeved that he should interrupt my hibernation to make HIM some coffee.  The man must surely have a death wish.

45 minutes later he woke me again to tell me that school was cancelled for the day.  I looked out the window... no snow, WTF! (no Rocky, mommy doesn't owe you a quarter, that stands for Where's The Flurries?... you know, as in snow flurries?)  Folks, you gotta understand, the school district superintendent, who decides on whether or not to call a 'snow day', came from Alaska and his policy has always been 'over the river and through the snow its off to school you go!'  (he must have been a mailman in a past life).   Then today, out of the blue, with no snow in sight, and on the first day of my hibernation... he calls for a snow day.  I repeat... WTF!


Edit:  Oh... there's the snow... brrrrrrrrr!  Okay Mr. School District Superintendent, good call! 

(oops, did anyone notice that I posted '5 days' for the second day in a row?)


mumma4evr said...

they sure are not here...and we do have school!  LOL

missheathyrmaree said...

Are you serious?  Then why do you have a snow day?
I'm very confused!  It has to be like a serious blizzard here for my brother to have a snow day.  We're talking at least 6 " of snow.  @@.  It's a PITA.  Good thing he drives a truck! LOL!  And it's still kinda rural here, so I don't understand it, really.

Oh well.  Enjoy the snow day :]
Oh, and I got the video from you--But I have to open it at home--I don't have any sound here at work on the computer :]

royallsgoddess said...

hahahah...WTF thats a good one, and i will use it ALOT more..this will save me a bunch of money! wow, so canceld school for the hell of it huh? thats gotta suck. well, look at the bright side, you get to spend more time with the kids! i dont think we are having a white christmas here in New York this yea. hey,im not complaning. i hate the snow. well..take care.


deshelestraci said...

That wouldn't make me too happy either!  You can't even send them "out to play" like you could when they were little!

sschwingler said...

I heard Denver is supposed to get 12-36 inches today. I sure wish that we in Minnesota (you know, almost the coldest state known to man) could get some snow. We are looking at rain.
I hope you get some snow!!
Michelle :)

princesssaurora said...

Huh... probably a broken water main or something like that... we had that one year!  

Dickidoo surely likes living on the edge!  lol

be well,

jckfrstross said...

ok we have 12 plus inches here in lafayette and its coming down hard. hope you are fairing better:)


motoxmom72 said...

NO White Christmas here in PA, either.  We have had the warmest December on record, I think.  I hate the "S" word anyways.  I hope you are faring well with the wintry weather.

jlocorriere05 said...

Doesn't Dickidoo know that it's illegal to wake a sleeping bear?! Jeannette xx

swmpgrly said...

5 days again huh...maybe you need more time to

leakylexion said...

hmm. The weater man cometh. Oh well....hibernation doesn't have a chance now does it? Maybe you should go out and jog around the house a bit- you know to warm you up....hehehe.

deslily said...

... and how much snow did you wind up getting???? (hope everyone is safe and warm!)

deshelestraci said...

Maybe the Superintendant made a good call after all!  I bet y'all are snooooowwwwed in.  Hope you are safe and warm.