Thursday, December 7, 2006

TOILET HANDLE, and letters to Santa

Its called a 'toilet handle'.  You pull it down and it opens a hole in the bottom of the toilet tank, which in turn floods the toilet bowl with fresh water and forces the #1 and #2 (and sometimes #3) down the hole and into the sewer.  It prevents the production of pee punch and strong bathroom odors.  USE IT!


So have you all written your letters to Santa?  I already know what I'm getting from Santa.  He came early and gave me the digital video program I've been drooling over.  (Too bad he didn't give me a digital cam-corder to go along with it).  So I've been very content... until I started seeing the commercials on TV.

'He went to Jared!'

Who did?  Not Dickidoo, that's for darn sure.  I'll bet that guy doesn't even know where Jared's is.  And who gets a new Cadillac for Christmas?  The future ex-Mrs. Trump?  Marcelo's wife (with the really bad accent)?

Now I know why Dickidoo keeps changing the channel, he doesn't want me to see the Christmas commercials and start getting ideas!

Yet he still drops hints about what I can get him... even after getting his Past Champion/ Future Loser Steelers leather jacket early  so he could enjoy it while the Steelers were still Champions.  Silly man, you've been good, but not THAT good!


princesssaurora said...

Yeah... none of them are all THAT good, as we well know.  Yes, the non flushing is an issue here too.... UGH!

be well,

promiseluv372 said...

ohh I see you have the same problem at your house... They don't flush 'round here either.  And I've brought out the empty roll and the thing it goes on with a new roll of toilet paper.. did a little demonstration.. STILL no luck!  

Don't feel too bad no one is going to Jared for me either.  And I DID write santa LOL.


deshelestraci said...

With a three year old and a five year old you know we have flushing issues!  
You mean wives are supposed to get Christmas presents?!  Who knew?

rgossett4195 said...

at one point there were 7 count 'em 7 males living here at my house.  And one bathroom :::shutter:::  :)  Rose~

trickeytricky said...

Must you remind me it is only 17 days till Christmas? I am so behind, heck farther than behind . . . I havent even started shopping. Eeeeek!

Toilet handle? So that is what that thing is . . . hmmm, I will have to consider giving that thing a whirl some time.

Amanda :)

shininggoober said...

Here's a link to a fart caught on an infrared camera
I thought you might get a kick out of this ! LOL  I thoroughly enjoy your blog... keep 'em coming!  Donna

winivere2002 said...

Hey, Girl! Grabbed my Santa hat to come by for a visit and wish you Merry Xmas from The Glass Box! Wishing you peace and lots of love!!! Hope your holidays are as special as you are!
Love, Win =.)

sdoscher458 said...

I fell for the same thing, sound a digital mini recorder on an extremely good sale, unfortunately I told hubby about it too early.  He wanted to use it.  Now he says I owe him another Christmas gift...thought it was hard hiding gifts from the kids..they could learn from my hubby! Sandi