Thursday, July 19, 2007


I recently received the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award from two very awesome and well respected AOL bloggers, who received their Rockin' honor from other featured bloggers.  In fact, if you follow the links you will find quite an impressive list of amazing bloggers forming.  Which led me to ponder the following; what is the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award and where did it come from?

The answer was easy enough to find.  A quick google and there it was.  It started as the brainchild of Roberta Ferguson from Blogging made devilishly simple. who wanted a way to recognize and inspire fellow bloggers.  The rules were quite simple, just pick some bloggers you think rock and share them with the world.  Then those bloggers pass the torch on by choosing some of their favorite blogs

This all began with this post Why not start something? | Featured | on June 18 of this year and it has just snowballed across the blogisphere with no boundaries set by language, blog host or theme.  In fact, the only limitation was that the award was for girl or woman bloggers, but even then they were more like a guideline than actual rules and so some truly rockin' guy bloggers have also been duly honored.

So... now its my turn to honor and feature a few of my favorite 'Rockin' Girl Bloggers'.  This is, naturally, difficult for although I am not a regular commenter on the blogs I visit, I read tons of them on a regular basis.  My favorites list is 100's of links long, most of which are journals.  Many of my top blogs have already been awarded (what can I say, I have good taste  ).  So what I'd like to do is to mention a few of the blogs I read from other blog sites (some are former AOL bloggers) and perhaps I might be able to introduce someone to a new favorite read.  Most, as I mentioned have already received the Rockin' honor, but if you've not read them, I recommend you check them out.  If you like Dustbunnies you'll probably appreciate these: 

Simply Me Ally:  (the blogger formerly known as aiibrat from Random)  Ally is a talented photographer, which is an obsession of mine, but what I really appreciate the most about Ally is her down to earth style of writing and her easy sense of humor.

whitetrashmom:  Very brash in its honesty.  I usually leave with an 'I can't believe she wrote that!' feeling.  Fun and amusing, and is even more politically incorrect than Bill Maher.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy:  I recently discovered this blog while googling 'redneck'.  Its hilarious.  But this funny mommy has a tragic past, which shehas emerged from with scars she bears with a mother's pride.  Some entries will have youhowling with laughter.  Others will have you weeping in sorrow.  She's kind of like me, only more refined... MUCH more refined, in a red neck sort of way.

This simple housewifes contribution to the world:  jillannemarie is everything I am not.  She's tidy, she's organized, she's tidy, she's organized... and she's TIDY and she's ORGANIZED.  Her journal is a plethora of information... and its tidy, and organized!  If you read it and leave without having learned something then you probably had your eyes closed.

Thank you jckfrstross and astaryth for this awesome, rockin' honor!


princesssaurora said...

New blogs for me to check out!  Cool!  You rock!!!

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Congratulations dear heart well deserved. I haven't visited any of these blogs, so It is indeed a treat for me to discover some more I might admire. (Hugs) Indigo

astaryth said...

I've had a lot of fun with the Rockin' girl thing.... I've discovered quite a few new (to me) blogs <sigh> like I needed more blogs to read <LOL>

jckfrstross said...

i will check out the new blogs:) and congrats to you! You are a very special lady


aiibrat said...

dorn - that's for the shout out.  i'm seriously honored.  thank you.  now, i need to pull my lists together and spread the wealth!

cmarlow330 said...

No one ever reconizes my blog lol.

: sighs :


congrats though Jo!

~ Christopher ~

sdoscher458 said...

Oh, cool. I've been in dsl hell on and off all week, never knowing when I can connect or not.  So this was refreshing and new blogs to read too..thanks, Sandi

mlamar2006 said...

Thanks for the shout out to white trash mom.  You are officially trashy as you on are both the WTM blogroll AND the WTM HALL OF FAME blogroll----love the blog AND love the name.  SUPPORT THE DUSTBUNNY CLUB OF AMERICA!

mutualaide said...

Congrats to you from the girl who is always a day late and a dollar short, but really doesn't mind!  

jillannemarie said...

Well, poo!  Now I feel like a total jerk...I didn't realize that you had picked my simple little journal.  I was just wandering around and clicking on links to my journal and found this "Rockin' Girl Bloggers" entry.  

I'm sorry for the long delay, but rest assured I will pass the torch on as soon as I can narrow my choices down, lol.  This past month has been a real bad one, so a little good news is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for recognizing my lil' journal.